Industry Acronyms & Key Terms

SAM - System for Award Management = Payment Portal for the Federal Government

D&B - Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS #) = Must have to be eligible to register with SAM

NAICS CODES - North American Industry Classification System = Codes used to identify specific industries, products, and services

PROCUREMENT - Process used to fulfill and award contracts to outside vendors

DOD – Department of Defense

DSBS - Dynamic Small Business Search = Data base used to search for small businesses to procure contracts under 25K, usually on a no bid basis

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

SBA - Small Business Administration = Classifies qualifying companies as a Small Business and/or as a company that qualifies for other government set-a-side programs

CAGE CODE - Commercial and Government Entity Code = A five character compilation of numbers and letters that is the approval of a company’s SAM registration, similar to what a Tax ID is to the IRS

DLA - Defense Logistics Agency = Agency that verifies validity of a SAM registrant and issues the CAGE CODE

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency = Companies can register with FEMA to become eligible for contracts in the event of an emergency

CCR/ORCA - Central Contract Registration/On-line Representation & Certification Application = Old payment portals that have migrated into SAM

SET-A-SIDE (Certs) - A program requiring that a percentage of government procurement contracts be reserved for disadvantaged businesses, such as, Small Business, (WOSB) Women Owned Small Business, (VOSB) Veteran Owned Small Business, 8(a) Minority Owned Small Business & Economically disadvantaged geographical areas such as Hub Zones

GSA - General Services Administration = Preferred contract vehicle used for procurement by Federal agencies that allows a business to get set up with a preferred vendor status

  • FBO – Federal Business Opportunities
  • USDA – United States Department of Agriculture
  • PSC – Product Service Codes
  • POC – Point of Contact
  • SAWCD – Soil & Water Conservation District
  • NRCS – Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • TIN – Tax Identification Number (9 digits)
  • EIN – Employee Identification Number (9 digits)
  • LBN – Legal Business Name
  • EPLS - Excluded Parties list search