GSA is the preferred contract vehicle used for procurement by Federal agencies that allows a business to be set up with a preferred vendor status.

Navigating your way through the federal contracting maze can be very difficult if you have not taken the proper steps. Learn about the GSA and how this can help you attain government contracts.

GSA: (General Service Administration) the master’s degree of this industry - Preferred contract vehicle used for procurement by Federal agencies that allows a business to be set up with a preferred vendor status. GSA was established to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies and awards billions of dollars annually to businesses on the GSA schedule. GSA consists of three major services: the Public Buildings Service (PBS), the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), and the Technology Transformation Service (TTS).

GSA Schedule – A formal agreement between the Federal Government and a commercial business that allows the General Services Administration (GSA) to purchase a wide range of products and services with convenience and ease. This is normally a long-term government contract that has a base period of five years, which can be renewed up to three times totaling 20 years. Within the GSA Schedule a business will have their contract number, a description of goods and services, pricing and the start and expiration dates of the contract.

The GSA Schedule is one of the most widely used methods by which the federal government purchases goods and/or services. No matter the state of the economy, one customer keeps buying - The Federal Government. Having a GSA Schedule simplifies the process for the federal government to purchase your products and services. When the government can purchase quickly with ease, you sell more. Government contracting is an incredibly competitive marketplace and it’s important to leverage as many advantages as you can to supersede other companies bidding on the same contracts. If your competitor has a GSA Schedule and you do not, they’re taking advantage of potential deals that could be yours. The award of a GSA schedule contract opens the door to participate in the billions of dollars that are dispersed annually. You must see all of the opportunities in the federal space, who your competitors are, and who's soliciting contracts in your market to take advantage of the GSA opportunities.

Businesses that want to aggressively market to the federal government must take additional steps to qualify for a GSA schedule. Obtaining your GSA schedule is just part of the challenge as there are additional hurdles, prerequisites, and requirements that must be taken care of.

To qualify for a GSA schedule –

  • You must be in business at least two to three years depending on your industry with the same tax id #.
  • You must have a web site and email address
  • Have generated at least $50,000 in revenue within the past year
  • Have six references of past business performances
  • Have a verified accounting system

*Prerequisites can vary depending on industry

You need a lot of know-how and understanding to enter this apace environment. When taking on this task without assistance you will determine quickly that many obstacles exist. There are hundreds of pages of information to read through to try to understand how GSA works. Those of you that have read through letters from an attorney understand the unique style on how the government explains this process and the verbiage they use. It is very confusing and hard to understand even for the most educated business people. Those that have attempted to accomplish the GSA on their own have spent hundreds of hours at times and still have not accomplished their goal of getting on the GSA schedule. That is time and money wasted that could of been spent wisely running their business. Also, it never fails that when attempting to complete your GSA you will make mistakes and have to go back and forth with the GSA contracting officer to fix these mistakes.

The GSA schedule is complex and includes numerous hurdles to jump while going through negotiations with the GSA Contacting Officers. Our GSA Schedule services are designed to help your organization successfully navigate your way through the federal contracting maze to maximize the return on your investment. We provide expertise in each step of the process and with the help of a GSA Schedule contract you have the opportunity to earn significant business and the potential to greatly increase your revenue. Generating sales, revenue, and being profitable is the entire purpose to having spent the resources required to become a GSA schedule contract holder.

Not only does GCR help companies attain their GSA from the first step. We also help companies that already have a GSA but are not accomplishing their goals of attaining government contracts. We can evaluate your current government sales process as well as make sure your contract is set up properly for government purchasers to view. We can also introduce you to “Select GCR Pro” which is our proprietary database that will provide you access to all government sites plus contact information for all purchasers.

GCR can help you execute your GSA schedule from start to finish, enabling you to concentrate on delivering quality goods and/or services. Our contract consultants and GSA processors will work closely with you to understand your business so we can represent you in the best possible manner. We will take the time to become familiar with your company's offerings, complete all necessary forms, develop pricing and government discounting practices, submit all required documents to the GSA's contracting officer, and complete the administrative review, negotiations, and FPR stages.

Our main focus is to teach you how to market and advertise to the federal government. We will hold your hand throughout this process, we will dot all “i’s” and cross all “t’s” and ultimately make sure that you accomplish your goal of being GSA certified and attaining government contracts. We have years of experience and have helped thousands of clients take the proper steps towards receiving government contracts.

Select GCR Pro & the GSA Application Process - A General Overview

By working together, we will ensure your application submission is prepared accurately and in a timely manner. As we embark on the GSA application process, you will also get to explore the features that our ‘Select GCR Pro” database has to offer. These services are designed to help you benefit from government mandated spending thresholds.

And as part of our team concept you will be partnered with the following Specialists:

GSA Application Processors - Your GSA Processor will act as your advocate through every step of the GSA acquisition process. Their mission is to see you successfully navigate the federal procurement process. Our Processing team is a leader in the industry with over 1,300 schedules awarded….and that number grows daily!

Below are some of the tasks that they will assist you with throughout the various stages of the application.

  • Determine if your company qualifies for a GSA Schedule
  • Determine the correct GSA Schedule for your business
  • Activate “Select GCR Pro” database
  • Research to determine all NAICS, PSC and FSC codes which apply to the clients firm
  • Assistance with SAM registration that is mandatory for Government Contractors
  • Determination of the most advantageous Federal Supply Schedule
  • Gathering information to support price negotiations
  • Review of all applicable FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) and CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) clauses
  • Preparation of all applicable forms, including Representations and Certifications and Technical Proposals required
  • Preparation, via templates, of a Small Business Subcontracting Plan as required
  • Research to insure compliance with JWOD requirements where applicable
  • Offer advice and feedback about your commercial pricelist and GSA pricing
  • Preparation of a proposed Schedule Price List with supporting documentation
  • Preparation of Commercial Sales Practice (CSP-1) disclosure and price support documentation
  • Execute and manage your GSA Schedule contract, Ensure contract compliance
  • Delivery of the completed Proposal to the GSA and monitoring of Proposal Status
  • Response to GSA requests for Clarifications and Revisions
  • Conduct negotiations with GSA’s assigned Contract Officer / Contract Specialist
  • Preparation of the Final Proposal Revision at the close of negotiations
  • Post award instruction to facilitate marketing to the Federal Government
  • Provide guidance, education, training, advice, and experience as required
  • Provide assistance and ongoing support

Select GCR Pro Account Manager - You will receive daily bid opportunities provided via email. This is a completely additional source of government revenue stream that is available to you while we process your GSA application. A dedicated client manager will train you and your staff to efficiently navigate the database; this will help your company become more familiar with the way the government purchases services and products, and provide invaluable insight, assess what certifications you may qualify for and translate government lingo and procedures for compliance. They will be working with you on a weekly basis as well as assisting you with taking a proactive approach to marketing and obtaining government work while you are waiting for your GSA Approval.

Within the “Select GCR Pro” database you will have access to:

  • Directory of all Government activities - last price paid history & technical data including 600,000 sets of drawings
  • Research competitor’s contract award history database of 800,000 companies & 610,000 emails filtered by: keyword, NAICS, & Federal supply group
  • Professional service class database of all procurement officials filtered by: NAICS, zips, agencies, professional service class, & Federal supply class
  • Access to expiring contracts for proactive opportunities filtered by: NAICS, key words, & service codes
  • Locate all purchasing agents within specific geographic areas: Who they’re selling to, at what price, & how often