Fear of Loss - Do you believe that if your business was not registered with the Government it could ultimately have a negative affect your business?

  • You would not ever receive contracts/grants
  • You would have to depend on your internal marketing and sales staff to generate all income
  • You would ride the wave of the economy (bad economy)
  • You would miss out on the billions of dollars dispersed annually from the Government
  • You may fall behind in your industry – competitors take more of the share of the market

Personal Gain - Do you believe that being properly registered within the Government would help the growth of your business?

  • Receive Grants (Free money) for your business
  • Attain contracts for your business
  • Join prime contractors and take advantage of teaming opportunities
  • Ultimately make more money
  • Have more opportunities
  • Protect your future against a bad economy
  • Gain more knowledge about Government contracting/grants to be on the forefront