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Select GCR Pro

SELECT GCR PRO - Is a proprietary database that pulls information from thousands of different Government web sites and databases and drives that information into one unique platform. Within this platform, our clients are provided Contact Information for all Government Purchasers, Federal, State and Local level contracts, Expiring contracts, Daily email notifications when bids are being released, and even connection to prime contractors and teaming opportunities.

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If you do not know the answer to the questions below or how to find this information, you must use "Select GCR Pro" if you're serious about attaining contracts and/or grants

  1. Do I know how to find Government contractors contact information?
  2. Do I know how to set up a profile to receive daily solicitations via email that pertain to my industry?
  3. Do I know how to find expiring contracts?
  4. Can my business take advantage of "Teaming" opportunities?

The "Select GCR Pro" database provides research data as well as marketing knowledge and comprehensive bid opportunities unlike any other source in the marketplace.

This database is organized to allow users to do market research on what is being acquired by the Federal Government, who are the acquisition people involved, who is the current incumbent, and all research you require to successfully market to either the military or the Federal Government. "Select" also provides two databases, one via email and one in the Select system that notifies you of any opportunities that match a profile that is created for your business. The daily email contains not only salient bid response information but technical data that may be required for RESEARCH, MARKETING, and SALES ASSISTANCE.

Select GCR Pro – This proprietary database will provide you exclusive access to:

  • Contact data for all purchasing agencies & contractors
  • Daily emails showing what contracts are available for you to bid on
  • Opportunities from 2,200 state and local organizations
  • Solicitations & awards from all Military and Federal Agencies
  • Expiring Contracts for the next five (5) years
  • Teaming contracts for all agencies
  • Lists of CIOs, Public Works, HR & Purchasing for US Government, as well as State & Local Agencies
  • Directory of all Government activities
  • Last price paid history
  • Technical data including 600,000 sets of drawings
  • Research Competitor's Contract Award History
  • Database of 800,000 companies - (610,000 emails) filtered by: Keyword, NAICS, Federal Supply Group & Professional Service Class
  • Database of all procurement officials filtered by: NAICS, Zips, Agency, Professional Service Class & Federal Supply Class
  • Provides access to expiring contracts for proactive opportunities filtered by: NAICS Availability, Key Words & Service code

There are hundreds of billions of dollars in state and local contracts awarded each year. 75% of these contracts go to incumbent businesses and to those that have done the proper registrations and that utilize the “Select GCR Pro” database. In order to win these lucrative contracts it is important that you know the government prospect the same as you would a commercial customer. Background information such as pricing, award history, forecasted expenditures, and knowing your competitors and the contracting officer is essential.

The "Select GCR Pro" database was developed to equip you with this information and give you the edge as you go after government contracts and/or grants. This state of the art database provides all of the daily solicitations that come out of the military and federal market place as well as state and local communities. There were over 3 million solicitations last year, however when searching for the in-depth information about those solicitations, it cannot be found. The Select database will provide who sold it, who bought it, for how much, when it will renew, quantities involved, etc. All information that is needed will be provided and will allow you to take that Government bid opportunity from a prospect to a sale.

How can you expect to win a contract award from the largest buyer in the world without having all of the information as the person that sold it to them?

How does having access to "Select GCR Pro" translate to your company winning an award?

Simple, the "Select" database provides data intelligence to inform you of the what, when, where, how, and who before a bid even becomes available to the general public. We have data mined the databases to create a number of menu items which allows our clients to become proactive in selling to the Federal Government - In short, we provide a system that is needed to win contracts and grants.

The "Select" database offers information on 2,200 state and local organizations that are buying every day. Not only do we have that data but we have the contact information of everyone that is buying in those communities. We have the directors of the CIO, the Public Works, and many other officials in those 2,200 state and local governments. More importantly, you get them timely as the database is updated 4 times daily. The Government is going to spend more on infrastructure which is state and local – for example bridges, highways and hospitals. "Select" provides all of that data and we can let you know within seconds through key word searches when something comes up that you need to know.

It is important to know that there are two ways to sell to the Government – either directly to the Government whether it be military, federal, state, or local or through their existing contractors. In today’s world selling through a veteran, woman or minority organization is important and it can be a short methodology for you to become successful. So what "Select" does is provide information within a database that tells you not only who to speak with in the Federal Government and what to sell them. It will also let you know how to team with organizations that are currently selling to the Government – this is called "teaming" and we are the only company in the world that provides this information.

Teaming - Subcontracts can help small businesses with little to no past performance get recognition from contracting officers. Most importantly if they are a new business and do not have many references to back them. Most large companies subcontract a large portion of the contracts they're awarded. Subcontracting allows smaller businesses to get their foot in the door and learn contracting procedures while allowing them to build past performances.

So let me ask you… wouldn't you rather start winning Government contracts instead of just bidding and hoping? To start your Government marketing efforts on the right track call and speak with one of our representatives so you can have a full understanding of this powerful database and how it can help you attain contracts and/or grants and increase your business revenues.

Registering with SAM is only the first step as you navigate your way through the federal contracting maze. As we say here at Select GCR – SAM is only the "A" of the alphabet. So it's important that you fully understand how to get to "Z" (Z = Government Contracts/grants)

The "Select GCR Pro" database will provide your business the needed information and contacts to achieve (Z = Government contracts/grants).