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Amanda Bach Select GCR

Celebrating Amanda Bach

In honor of Veterans Day, we would like to introduce our very own Ms. Amanda Bach. Her service to our great Nation has been invaluable and should be celebrated this day and every day. We are deeply appreciative to have her as part of our Select GCR family and encourage everyone to read on to help us celebrate her sacrifice and service.

Amanda Bach is a Military Veteran and an expert in Federal Acquisitions. Her active duty to her Nation stretched over the course of 12 years. During those years she served in the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army National Guard. She served as an Information Management and Information Systems Engineer. Ms. Bach specialized in data analytics, communications, compliancy audits, classified material control, and security management. Her leadership merit took her around the globe, spending a total of 5 years overseas.

Amanda Bach in Uniform Select GCR

Her dedication to her country has continued as she transitioned into the civilian lifestyle. For the last 3 years, Ms. Bach has dedicated her life, time, and knowledge to impact the American Economy by assisting businesses competing in the Government market. Her efforts have resulted in an incalculable number of government contracts being awarded to the business owners she connects with. Countless small business owners have seen exponential growth and financial security because of Ms. Bach’s commitment to her client’s success.

Amanda Bach with her Husband Mike Select GCR

In her private life, she maintains the Marine state of mind in all she does. Her discipline, attention to detail, and follow-through are all traits she mastered while in service. It shows in her daily life. Her clients benefit from her dedication to success. She ensures each business she works with gets something good out of their partnership. By way of government contracts, WOSB or VOSB certification, and/or GSA contract utilization, all her clients are guaranteed to get exactly what they need. They can expect nothing but the best from this powerhouse Veteran.

She continues to be a honorable and faithful leader, wife and mother. Amanda possesses a positive and winning attitude, creating an environment that her coworkers want to thrive in. Her patriotism is inspirational.

“I have dedicated my life to serving this country, protecting and helping my fellow Americans, and it has been an honor.”
Ms. Amanda Bach

Director of Small Business Acquisitions, Select GCR

We can’t thank you enough, Amanda, for your dedication to the United States of America.


We are proud to call you a part of our family.


Our Nation Salutes You Amanda Bach!