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Jason Bortz of Select GCR is IndustryEra’s Top 10 Inspiring Leaders of 2022

President and CEO, Jason Bortz of Select GCR, was featured in IndustryEra (IE) magazine. He made it on the Top 10 Inspiring Leaders of 2022 list! Jason was interviewed by IE’s journalist. The article was then published in their 2022 edition.


Select GCR – Understanding Your Business


The article goes on to say, “Jason understands what businesses need because he’s been there”. It outlines his dedication and hard work, and as a result his business has grown. Like most small business owners, he has faced many challenges. Because of his experience, he sees the world through his client’s eyes. It gives him the advantage of knowing how to help other small businesses survive and thrive by procuring government contracts.

What can the Select GCR team do for you?

Furthermore, the article reads the employees of Select GCR follow the same “how can I help you” way of business. Therefore, they won’t try to sell you anything or make you feel pressured. All employees maintain a positive attitude. Because of this, they generate more revenue for their client’s business. Care and compassion are qualities Jason expects from all employees of Select GCR.

Helping Small Businesses Increase Revenue

According to the Industry Era article, clients of Select GCR have seen over “$700 million in government contracts, loans, grants and other financial assistance”. Select GCR has helped many small businesses achieve increased revenue. This kind of success was driven by positive experiences attaining government contracts. Moreover, the article goes on to say Jason’s employees have “the expertise and determination to deliver”. The success of his company proves it!

IE Magazine

The Publication Sheds Light on Industry Trends

Industry Era Magazine is a publication that brings “the latest news, inspiration, and motivations”. The magazine and online blog focus on delivering current technology and information to business people all over the world. The values of IE Magazine are in line with the values of Jason Bortz. They both want to help the community thrive!


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