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City County State Registration

Why are they important?

One of the key parts of our CSP program is the City/County/State registrations. Almost every municipality has an online registration and bid system these days as technology continues to advance. These municipal governments on the city, county and state level will then publish all upcoming bids and projects that they are working on via these online registration systems. You can register for most of these without even having your business in the municipal area you are registering with. There are thousands of contracts at the state level and lower that will not be seen on federal bid sites. The benefit to you is that this can place your information in front of government purchasers at the local level as well as get you the bid information on local purchases that will have a lot less competition than large federal contracts.

Where do you find your local or other municipal registration portals?

These registration portals are usually easy to find, and their instructions are clear. Let’s look for one together. Let’s say we live in the sunny state of Florida, where Select GCR is headquartered. Let’s open a browser and search for the portal and information that we need. If you are searching for a city or county, it is recommended you put the state name in the search to prevent duplicates from another state showing up in your search. The search we use is “(State Name) Supplier Registration”, and you’ll get results that look like this:

city country state registration

What should you do after you’ve found the registration portal?

We’ll look for what requirements are needed to begin the process, and as you can see, that’s the top link in the search. Let’s click on that top link and see what we need to perform the registration. As you can see, it is clearly and prominently displays what you need and where you need to go to perform the registration.

The area of the site you need to navigate. to perform the registration is also right on this page:

City County State Registration

Once we click that link, we are taken to the page where we will perform the registration. Click on the link or button that says “Register”.

This will take you to the area where you fill in your information. Here is an example, the first page of the Florida State Registration portal, there are several more pages, but they all look basically like this with lots of boxes of information to fill in.

Go through all the steps and fill in the needed information to complete your registration!

What are some common requirements so you can be ready to register for multiple municipalities?

If you would like to be sure that you have the correct information before you start to look for and perform these registrations, here are some of the most common requirements:

  • Signed W9
  • TAX ID Number
  • Company Address/Contact Information
  • Copies of Insurance Certificates (General Liability etc.)
  • Copies of Diversity Certificates (e.g., MBE, WOSB, VOSB)
  • Commodity/Supplier NIGP codes (the portal usually has a search feature to find which ones apply to your business, if not, an official list is held here)

Download the NIGP Code List