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Our Quick Start Contract & Grant Proposal Guides will pave the way to success for your business

Get noticed by Government procurement officers with contract bid submissions that WOW them.

Contract assistance:

Our Quick-Start Development Guide is designed to assist you with the initial steps to bid development, submission, and guidance for communicating directly with Federal level Contracting Officers through email and other communication options. With our Quick-Start guide you are given contracting basics 101 in an easy-to-read outline that guides you through the major milestones of the formal bid process. Field proposals Evaluate your current market position Resource allocations Understand Government compliancy.

Additionally, you will be shown the basics on how to search, field, allocate, develop, draft, edit, and summarize your formal response. As an added benefit we have given you a listing of the major Federal and State Government entities that assist new business entries and Contracting Officers per Industry that you will be marketing and proposing your products and/or services to. With this added bonus guide you will be well on your way to outsourcing with understanding or delving deeper into your personal education on the bid writing process to be able to submit your own proposals with as few errors as possible.

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Quick-Start Proposal Development Guide breakdown:

  • Step 1 – Active System for Award Management (SAM) Registration
  • Step 2 – Getting a Business Capability Statement Optimized & Ready for Marketing to the Government
  • Step 3 – North American Industry Classification System (NAICS Codes) Optimization
  • Step 4 – Business or Trade Certifications & Contracts
  • Step 5 – Product/Service Information Specification Sheet(s)
  • Step 6 – Communicating Directly with Contracting Officers & Purchasing Agents through Email & Phone
    • 6.1 Email template outline
    • 6.2 Phone Script Outline
  • Step 7 – Small Business Certifications & Strategic Positioning
  • Step 8 – Bid/Proposal Writing & Analysis
    • 8.1 Initial Proposal/Bid Meeting:
    • 8.2 Federal & State Registration Checks
    • 8.3 Viewing Bid/Proposal and Solicitation Published Digital Documents
    • 8.4 Preparing Bid/Proposal Response & Meeting
    • 8.5 Example Solicitation: Section M – Evaluation Factors for Award (Pass/Fail Section)
    • 8.6 Bid/Proposal Submission
    • 8.7 Award or Denial Notification
  • Step 9 – Sections within a Formal Proposal Defined and Examples
  • Step 10 – Government Contact Index

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The Quick Start Contract Guide is included in our Government Marketing Programs to ensure you have all of the tools needed to succeed in Government Contracting.

In addition to this guide, we provide you access to Select GCR Pro, a powerful database that provides you lucrative information for submitting your bid.

You’ll gain access to:

  • What contracts are available in your area
  • Who the purchasing agents and end users are
  • Additional information and documentation that will assist with your bid submission.
  • Techniques on how to showcase your company’s capabilities.

Our team can assist you with what you need from helping you get registered to do business with the Government, creating a capabilities statement, provide you access to what contracts are available in your area, and an intro to contract bid submissions.


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Our Quick-Start Development Guide is designed to assist you with the initial steps to bid development, submission, and guidance for communicating directly with Federal level Contracting Officers.

  • Register your business with SAM, DSBS, and FEMA
  • Create a Capabilities Statement
  • Optimize your profile for success
  • Teach you how to search for available contracts by newest, category, agency and eligibilities
  • Show you how to submit and track your application
  • Celebrate with you when you’re awarded!

We will be there every step of the way and look forward to assisting you throughout the process.

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