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Let Our Consultants Help Your Business Complete Its GSA Registration & Earn a GSA Schedule Contract

What is the GSA?

GSA stands for General Service Administration, a government organization that centralizes purchasing for government agencies. Government agencies utilize GSA contracts to find millions of products and services at competitive prices.

What is a GSA Schedule?

GSA schedules are long-term contracts with businesses that allow government agencies to have quick access to products and services. The government agencies can shop from thousands of potential vendors who are on a GSA contract. Many businesses want to know how to get on a GSA Schedule. The GSA has a lengthy application process for GSA contracts but once awarded a GSA contract your business receives a 5-year renewable GSA contract. A GSA contract also allows your business to be listed on GSA Advantage, an online shopping depot for government procurement agents.


Puts You First in Line and Top of Mind


After award your business will appear on the “Government Amazon” where Government buyers search first for needed products and services.

Receive a “Request for Information or Quote” for Government opportunities in your back end profile

To Qualify Your Business Must Have:

  • Strong Financials
  • At Least 2 Years in Business
  • Past Performance & References
  • TAA compliance Must Be Met if Selling Products

GSA schedules are the most widely used contract vehicle with over 45 Billion awarded annually. Learn how your business can participate in the entire 450 Billion awarded each year from the Federal Government by speaking with a contract consultant now.


Does my business qualify
for the GSA?

Not every business will qualify for a GSA schedule, but those that do prosper tremendously. In 2018 approximately 45 billion in contracts were awarded through 40 different GSA schedules. 

When attempting to register and apply for a GSA schedule contract, you must first off make sure to complete a target market research report within your industry to ensure that the Government needs your products and or services.

If you want to learn more about the qualifications for the GSA and learn if it’s a viable option for your business download our guide located here and see what you need to get started!


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Want To Find Out if Your Business
Qualifies for a GSA Schedule Contract?

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Earning a GSA Schedule Contract Can Often Be a Challenge

and takes a few months and often as long as two years, contingent upon contract experience, available resources and the GSA schedule that you choose to pursue. Often, many companies average nearly $40 billion annually through GSA schedule contracts, however these contracts do not guarantee sales.

Extensive market research and prior experience with government sales can significantly improve success rates.

Since 2013, Select GCR has been helping companies conserve time and alleviate stress in obtaining GSA schedule contracts by simplifying the government contracting process for them and guiding them through the hurdles.

Let’s translate government terms to layman’s terms:

The government definition of a GSA Schedule Contract is a government-wide, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract.

Let’s break that down in layman’s terms:

Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity:

This means open ended with no set amount. So while the term of the contract is fixed, the deliverables are not. During the term of the GSA Schedule contract, any federal customer can order an unlimited amount of products or services


It can be used across all agencies from the DOD and DHS, to FEMA and the Department of Energy.

Multiple Award Schedule:

More than one company can receive the contract A company can apply to obtain a GSA schedule contract at any
time, with no cap on the number of companies that can be awarded a contract.

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To Get On A GSA Schedule?

GSA Schedule Contracts have established pricing, terms and conditions. They simplify the purchasing process for federal government agencies, making it the most widely used government contracting option.

Below are some ways holding a GSA Schedule Contract can benefit your business:

  • Over $45 Billion in Annual Sales
  • Fewer competitors
  • Shorter and simplified sales process
  • Gain a competitive edge in the federal marketplace
  • Opportunity to sell to all Federal Agencies
  • Opens the door to state and local government agencies

What should your business consider when thinking about obtaining a GSA Schedule contract?

When considering whether to pursue a GSA schedule contract, there are two main factors to take into account: eligibility and potential for success.

As with any major company decision, whether your company should pursue a GSA Schedule contract is dependent upon market research. Our GSA specialists are here to help you every step of the way, from the initial market research to submitting your proposal to even doing a happy dance with you when you get awarded.


Services from Select GCR

The GSA proposal process can be intensive, lengthy and time-consuming. It’s essential that the proper pricing, terms, and conditions are in place because these dictate how you do business with the federal government. Being prepared with the proper expertise and strategic mindset is also imperative. Together these serve as the foundation for future sales and success in government contracting.

Our full-service GSA Schedule Proposal services provide your company with a team of expert GSA Contract Consultants dedicated to the success of your company.

With every GSA Schedule Proposal Package, we include:

  • Market Research and GSA Strategy Development
  • GSA proposal development and submission
  • Contract Negotiation and GSA Contract Award

We will help to determine what products and/or services to offer to the government and what schedule to offer them on. As part of the proposal development process, we will teach you how to best prepare your company for the transition to government work and how to assess your warranties, guarantees, and other terms and conditions. Additionally, we will guide you on how to best setup your pricing agreement and often times we will negotiate on your behalf. We will help to process completion of all forms for review and signature for all disclosures, price lists, and anything else required for the solicitation.

Here are some other reasons to consider working with our team:

Time & Cost

In our experience, it typically costs a company more in the long run to handle the GSA schedule proposal process in-house, when you consider time lost, pulled resources and missed opportunities. Our experienced team of specialists can help to expedite the process based on our ability to navigate the process with experience and expert knowledge.

Risk of Rejection

Inexperience with the proposal process can result in errors that can cause your proposal to be rejected. According to the GSA, 60% of all offers are initially rejected. Once rejected, you can resubmit, however you go to the back of the line essentially and begin the waiting game again. Our proposal acceptance rate is 97%.


Being a GSA Schedule contract holder gives your company a competitive advantage over those who don’t make the strategic decision to acquire one. In regards to your competitors that DO hold a GSA Contract, tt’s critical that you combat this competition through the pricing, terms, and conditions that you negotiate upfront. These help to position your company competitively while maintaining a profitable operation.

There Are Consulting Companies Out There Who Will Sell GSA Registration Services To ANY Company Regardless Of Whether They Meet Eligibility And Or

Have The Potential To Succeed

Choosing a company to guide you through the intensive process of obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract is a critical decision. Select GCR ensures your best chances of success by:

– Educating you on the proposal process and exactly what to expect –
– Reviewing your company’s business goals, products and services, and developing your unique recipe to achievement –
– Represents your business throughout the entire process –
– Ensures your business is ready for post-award contract requirements –

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