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GSA Schedule FAQ


GSA Schedule FAQ

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What does GSA Stand For?

Founded in 1949, the General Services Administration, or GSA, is the government agency responsible for the management of government buildings, real estate and various other functions associated with keeping the wheels of government turning. This includes managing the procurement process for products and services utilized by government agencies.

To simplify government purchasing and maximize the federal government’s buying power, the GSA developed the GSA Schedules Program, also known as – Multiple Award Schedule Contracts, (MAS) or Federal Supply Schedule Contracts. The GSA establishes the policies and regulations governing procurement and has a number of internal programs, such as GSA Advantage, that were designed to streamline the purchasing process for government agencies.

What is the Definition of a GSA Schedule Contract?

A GSA Schedule Contract is a long-term contract with terms that include an indefinite delivery time frame and an indefinite quantity, (also referred to as an IDIQ) and is administered by the General Services Administration under the Multiple Schedule Award or MAS Program. A GSA Schedule Contract contains predetermined terms and conditions establishing pricing, delivery and any applicable warranties. They were created to help federal agencies and employees more efficiently navigate the process of obtaining products and services.

Click here to learn more about GSA Schedule Contracts and see how your company can benefit from the buying power of the federal government –

What is the difference between the GSA/MAS/FSS Schedules?

These 3 acronyms essentially mean the same thing as they are referred to the schedules. FSS is more widely used in the FAR and with the VA. Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS) and General Services Administration (GSA) are the commonly used acronyms.

Why Would My Company Want to Get Onto the GSA Schedule Contract?

The Government operates as a business they spend approximately 1.4 billion dollars a day to run the country. Doing business with the Government allows you to adopt a secure and consistent stream of revenue.

Is My Business Too Small for Government Contracting?

Small businesses do not take enough advantage of the opportunities the Government offers. In fact Small business set aside is 23% currently and talks about increasing that number have been going around as of late.

Is My Company Required to Have a GSA Schedule Contract to Provide Products or Services to the Government?

While there is no federal mandate for a contractor to have a GSA Schedule in place to do business with the government, the majority of government agencies choose to procure goods and services through GSA Schedule Contracts only. The bottom line? Not having a GSA Schedule Contract could limit the opportunities you have access to. Especially if you are seeking to do a government contract you should read – Why Should My Company Get a GSA Schedule?

What are the Benefits of Getting a GSA Schedule?

GSA Schedule Contracts are awarded with full transparency and are designed to comply with applicable laws and regulations prior to being issued. In addition, pricing is already established, decreasing evaluation time-frames. But that’s not the only benefit – since products and services can be ordered directly via contractor’s GSA Schedule Contract, the need to engage in long, drawn out negotiations or respond to lengthy, complicated RFP’s is eliminated.

The GSA has also developed some other tools within the process to streamline purchasing even more.

  • GSA Advantage! – Federal agencies and procurement officers can access this online store to explore the options available through GSA Schedule Contracts. Purchases can be made directly though the website making it convenient and quick.
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements – Or BPAs, are exactly what they sound like – a purchase agreement that allows the contractor/supplier to provide products or services multiple times over an extended period of time. BPAs are often issued under aGSA Schedule to eliminate redundant order processes and to reduce unnecessary administrative costs.
  • Contractor Team Arrangements – The CTA is joint venture agreement between GSA Schedule Contract holders that allow companies to pool their resources to meet the demands of a particular federal agency’s product or services requirements.

How do I know if my Company Qualifies for a GSA Schedule Contract?

While the criteria for eligibility for a GSA Schedule Contract varies from contract to contract, typically, a company must be able to demonstrate the following –

  • Documentation of Financial Stability.
  • Minimum of 24 months in Business.
  • Products must be available for commercial sale.
  • Proof of Previous Performance.

Products comply with federal regulations and must be manufactured or substantially modified in the U.S. or other designated country as dictated by the Trade Agreements Act. To view TAA designated countries, click here.

What Does My Company Need to do To Obtain a GSA Schedule Contract?

When it comes to the GSA Schedules Program, understanding the various ways the program and its’ components are referenced can be helpful. There are several terms that basically mean the same thing, which is obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract. For example, if a contractor is trying to:

  • Get GSA Pricing
  • Get GSA Approved
  • Get GSA Certified
  • Get a GSA Number
  • Get on the GSA List
  • Get on the GSA Vendor List
  • Become a GSA Contract Holder
  • Obtain GSA Certification

They are simply trying to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract. To avoid confusion, it’s important to be aware that a GSA Schedule Contract is a direct contract with the federal government. Not a preferred vendor list. To be considered for a GSA Schedule Contract, companies must submit their qualifications in a proposal to the GSA. To learn more about how the GSA Schedule process works, visit Select GCR’s Step by Step Guide to Getting on the GSA Schedule page by clicking the link.

What is the Time Frame for Getting a GSA Schedule Contract?

Depending on what product service you are submitting for, the time frame can vary anywhere from 2 months, up to 12 months. But there are essentially 2 phases to the process. 1 – Proposal preparation and submittal, and 2 – Proposal review by the GSA and final contract negotiation.

If My Company is Awarded a GSA Schedule Contract, What Federal Agencies am I allowed to offer my Product/Services to?

For a Complete List of GSA Schedule Eligible Agencies, Click Here. But you can literally offer products or services under your GSA Schedule Contract – to hundreds of government agencies. Below are just a few examples of federal agencies who purchase through GSA Schedules.

  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • Department of Education
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Department of Veteran Affairs

What Kind of Products and Services Can I Sell Through a GSA Schedule?

Currently, there are in excess of 11 million products and services offered through GSA Schedule Contracts. Each GSA Schedule provides a detailed description of the product or service being solicited but the products span just about every category available with the exception of firearms and ammunition.

As for services – the GSA does not allow construction or architectural services currently on the GSA. However, there are occasions where these services may fall under the Professional Engineering Service GSA Schedule 871 and adding construction services to the GSA Schedule Program has been discussed.

Are Agencies Required to Purchase Through GSA?

No but it is a tremendous amount easier to use so unless they are trying to work harder I would imagine they prefer to use GSA/MAS Schedules. For VA Buyers they must in fact purchase certain items through FSS Contracts or they must submit a waiver.

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Select GCR has the specific expertise to help your company navigate the GSA Schedule Contract process from proposal to contract execution. Contact us today at (833)336-3988 to learn more about the services we offer or complete the contact form below and a representative will contact you.

Select GCR has the specific expertise to help your company navigate the GSA Schedule Contract process from proposal to contract execution. Contact us today at (833) 336-3988 or click here to email us to learn more about the services we offer or complete the contact form below and a representative will contact you.