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CCR Replaced By Sam System for Award Management


The CCR (Central Contractor Registration) has been replaced by SAM (System for Award Management) What You Need to Know to Transition Smoothly

If your business pursued…

DoD (Department of Defense) contracts prior to July 30, 2012, your journey to successfully winning DoD solicitations began with registering your business with the CCR. The CCR was a central storage bank where contractors seeking government contracts submitted their information. CCR validated the information and made it available to government procurement officers.

In 2004, to reduce the paperwork burden on contractors pursuing government contracts, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) was amended to require an offeror’s representations and certifications to be electronically submitted and updated annually through ORCA (the Online Representations and Certifications Application).

What happened to CCR and ORCA?

The myriad of websites and databases involved in the federal procurement process became quite cumbersome, with offerors sometimes being required to provide the same information multiple times through different systems. In 2012, to eliminate redundancies and streamline processes for those seeking to do business with the government, the CCR and ORCA, along with 7 other separate databases were consolidated to one single entity for federal procurement – SAM (System for Award Management) SAM is now essentially a one stop shop for federal agencies to look in for qualified entity information.

How SAM has Changed the Federal Procurement Process for the Better?

The SAM program has changed for the better as a result of meshing CCR, ORCA and the 7 other procurement systems. Not only does it reduce the number of passwords a contractor must keep track of, it decreases the necessity of re-entering information across multiple platforms by allowing all necessary information to be entered in one system that repopulates in corresponding fields and forms throughout the system. SAM has also stream-lined the pre and post-award process by allowing federal agencies to login at to do the following:

  • Post solicitations
  • Maintain government-wide contract award data
  • Access government-wide subcontractor data
  • Identify suspended, debarred or other excluded parties
  • Verify contractor eligibility and responsibility
  • Evaluate contractor and subcontractor performance

How Does My Business Migrate to SAM?

If you were registered in CCR, you don’t have to start. However, to complete your SAM registration, you will need to migrate your CCR account over to SAM via the legacy system option at It can be a daunting process to navigate on your own and since SAM registration is mandatory if you wish to continue seeking government contracts, you may want to consider getting assistance with the application or migration process. After all, any delay in completing your SAM registration could mean missing out on potential time-sensitive procurement opportunities.

Select GCR can help! Our team of experienced consultants can ensure your migration or initial registration is completed accurately and quickly. Our core mission is to help small businesses successfully meet the requirements necessary to seek federal procurement opportunities. And we’ve got the track record to prove it! Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule a free consultation.

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