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State Solicitations

You can create a search that allows you to search for and access available state open solicitations for your industry and/or the entire Government. Connect to numerous Government websites with a click of the mouse to view available contracts to bid on. View the contract id, title, state, posted date and deadline. State solicitations are found best by searching keywords. Keywords are found in the title or synopsis of the contract.

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All the following search results will populate below the search box (view the contract ID, Title, State, Posted Date and Deadline).

*Choose multiple options for a more targeted search

**Exporting is available for select users. Please contact your GPA for assistance.

Search Query Options


Title Keywords

To find a specific state solicitation based on a keyword from a title or synopsis of a contract.

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Solicitation Number

Search by Solicitation # to find a contract quickly.

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Posted From & To Date

Search by the date a contract was posted.

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Place of Performance– State:

Search for a specific State or multiple States for contracts based on your search criteria.

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View Search by State Solicitation

To view the State Solicitation, click on the view icon and you will be redirected to the State Solicitation on their website. On the State website, you will be able to see the requirements for the solicitation, agency information, contact information, solicitation information, terms and conditions, and any important files required.

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Action Buttons

This database, will allow you to do specific query searches, find contact information and also provide you with educational and informative information. Each page you are on will have a Guidance, Government Links, Marketing and Docs & Templates Button to explore. These buttons offer educational and informative information specific to the area you are searching.

Access all Government public information, and utilize step by step instructions for searching, finding and marketing to Government and business contacts. Select GCR ties in marketing intelligence options throughout the program, creating a road map and tools to help businesses succeed in Government contracting.

Select GCR Pro Action Buttons
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Guidance: This will guide you on the capabilities and functions available in your search area.
Government Links: These links will allow you to explore websites regarding the information you are searching for and directs you to government websites outside of our database.

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Marketing: We offer marketing advice to best leverage and use the information you are searching for by offering marketing concepts for you to utilize to get your company positioned to the government sector.
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Docs & Templates: We have included documents and templates built directly into this software for you to use at your disposal to learn how to talk, email and market yourself directly to the contracting