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Set Aside Contracts

Set aside contracts are contracts that must be given to small businesses registered with SAM. Most contracts are awarded to businesses that have socio-economic certification. Certifications such as Women Owned Small Business, Veteran and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, 8a Certified (Minority) or HUBZone Certified are chosen above non-certified businesses. According to, in order for small businesses to get their fair share of government contracting work, any contract between $10,000 and $250,000 gets set aside specifically for small businesses registered with SAM (the System for Award Management). Set-asides can be awarded up to $750,000 for small businesses.


This blog will address:

  • VOSB set aside contracts
  • WOSB set aside contracts
  • 8a and HUBzone set aside contracts
  • Select GCR can help you get certified.
set aside contracts

VOSB Set Asides

VOSB set asides make up good percentage of contracts available. You have to be certified as Veteran Owned Small Business or Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business to qualify for these set asides. There is a program called Vets First Verification Program that can verify your business is 51% owned by a veteran of the United States military. Select GCR can help you get VOSB certification or SDVOSB certification.


minority and woman set aside contracts

WOSB Set Asides

WOSB set asides are only for Women Owned Small Businesses. You must be certified to get these contracts. You can get certified through the SBA. It’s a long and daunting application process that usually results in a rejected application. Select GCR is here to help you get a WOSB Certification!

8a and HUBzone Set Asides

Both Minority Owned Small Business and businesses located in HUBzone, as long as they are certified and are registered with SAM can be awarded set asides. Minority owners get certified under 8a certification. Economically disadvantaged areas (within a HUBZone) quafity for the HUBZone certification.

Select GCR help me obtain set aside contracts?

Select GCR can facilitate your WOSB certification, VOSB certification, SDVOSB certification, 8a or HUBzone certifications for you. With minimal effort on your part, our certification specialists can get your application approved the first time around. Ensuring all information is filled out properly and accurately, as well as following the application through to completion, you really wont have to lift a finger. We can assure you that once you are certified, set aside contracts are available for you to go after.

Contact Select GCR for your free no cost, no obligation consultation and see what we can do to help your small business increase revenue by obtaining set asides. We have government procurement advisors on standby, morning to night, to answer all your questions on set-aside contracts or certification. We have thousands of certifications under our belt and will provide you with experienced answers.


Certifications we offer include:

We offer other certifications based on state and national levels, just speak with a GPA today for more details! Click any of the links above to view qualifications for each certification.

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