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Select GCR’s main focus is to accurately complete our client’s registration needs and advise them on how to successfully market and advertise to the federal government. With years of experience our methods and tools have helped thousands of businesses take the proper steps towards being properly registered, and to be on the forefront of attaining government contracts and/or grants. Our services and methods are designed to ultimately help businesses successfully navigate their way through the federal contracting maze with ease.

Contract and Grant Consultants

Our Contract and Grant Consultants are the initial friendly voice of Select GCR, here to assist you with all things contracting and grant related.

SAM Registration Specialists

Our Registration Specialists dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s when it comes to completing and processing SAM registrations.

Certification Specialists

Our Certification processors will help you quickly complete the application and submit the proper documentation for acceptance.

GSA Contract Specialist

Our GSA Contract Specialists will guide you through the intensive process of the GSA application and help to identify opportunities once your business is approved.

Director of Processing

Jennifer Smith
[email protected]

GSA Application Specialist

Bailey Bermond
[email protected]

Tina Eaton
[email protected]

Government Procurement Advisor

Our Government Procurement Advisors will provide a Government-targeted marketing plan, and help clients navigate the Federal contracting maze while using the “Select GCR Pro” program.


Government Procurement Advisors Marketing & Success Team

[email protected]

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