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The Select GCR team focuses on advising clients on how to successfully market their business to the federal Government. They accurately complete client registrations and applications. So accurate, our specialists have a 98% rate of approval on first submission. With years of experience on their side, the Select GCR team uses tools and strategies that have helped thousands of businesses procure over 700 million in federal awards. Take the steps required to be properly registered, and become the most awarded business in your industry. Our services and marketing strategies are designed to ultimately help businesses successfully navigate their way through the federal contracting maze with ease.

Federal Business Development Advisors

Our FBDAs are the initial friendly voice of Select GCR, here to assist you with all things contracting and grant related. They know how to win contracts

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Meet Our Team of FBDAs

Government Procurement Advisors (GPA)

Here to help marketing clients navigate the Federal contracting maze, plus access, use, and benefit from the Select GCR Pro program.

Jay Jeffrey
[email protected]


Client Support

Taking customer service to the next level with our team of support professionals.

Client Relations Manager
Bill Williams
[email protected]

Sr. Client Support Specialist
Jeff Hale
[email protected]


SAM Registration Specialists

Our SAM Registration Specialists are experts in getting businesses set up for success in the SAM department. They have years of experience and are the fastest processors in the business.

Sr. SAM Registration Processor
Kristen Lollis
[email protected]

Sr. Processing Specialist
Justin Turner
[email protected]

Select GCR Client Success Program HUBZone certification

Processing Specialists

Registrations, certifications, email marketing campaigns, and capabilities statements is what our processing department handles daily. They also control access to Select GCR Pro.

Processing Specialist
Lyndsay Carrus
[email protected]

Processing Specialist
Jeremy Williams
[email protected]



Behind the scenes in every successful business are the people who keep it running smoothly.

Director of Operations and Technology
Claire Schmauss
[email protected]

Director of Marketing
Heather Taylor
[email protected]

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