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When it comes to doing business with the Federal Government, their are exhaustive lists of ways and resources to go about getting it done. You can attempt to navigate the process on your own, or get ahead of your competition and hire a team of experts to assist you and better your chances of success. Both are viable options, however we would like to take this opportunity to tell you why you should choose Select GCR professional contract consultants and how we can guide you to success in Government contracting.

  • where and how to spend their time
  • what to look for,
  • who to contact,
  • what to say, and
  • what to send potential contacts

This proven plan implements concepts such as targeted email campaigns, phone contacts, marketing templates, and overall knowledge of how to position a business to achieve success in the federal sector at a more efficient and expedited pace.


98% Acceptance Rate

Applications and registrations submitted on behalf of our clients have a 98% approval rate with the government

Select GCR Guarantee

We stand behind all of our products and services, and are so confident we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Marketing Assistance

We go beyond registrations and provide marketing assistance for your business to position you for success

BBB A+ Rating

We are committed to ethical business practices and are proud to have an A rating, and a 4.7 out of 5-star reviews with the Better Business Bureau

Our marketing department focuses on three simple philosophies

1. Position our clients’ to be seen by those that are looking.

 2. Search and find contact information for CO’s and primes through code and keyword query searches.

 3. Search and find targeted industry/business contracts through code and keyword query searches.


Your assigned GPA will help you learn and understand the following:

  • Find city, county, state, and Federal contracts
  • Understand how to determine if a contract is right for your business
  • Learn steps to take that will differentiate your business from others
  • Search expiring contracts for re-compete opportunities
  • Learn how to submit a bid and a Request for Debriefing document
  • Learn how to register with each Prime as a sub/supplier for subcontracting/teaming opportunities
  • Learn how to search competitor profiles
  • Access data for state, Military, and Federal purchasing locations
  • Understand how to view contract details to determine who is involved – Agency, Prime, CO’s
  • Understand FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and how to request specs for existing contracts
  • Access quick links for city, county, and state Government websites
  • Learn how to determine which agencies and departments are spending the most within your industry
  • Learn how to find Gov websites, Org charts, OSDBU/SADBU, FOIA, Phone Books, and Expenditures
  • Find lists of primes and GSA schedule holders with recent award history
  • Find lists of contracting officers that are heavily awarding contracts for your industry
  • Learn how to contact and build relationships with Primes and CO’s
  • Learn how to search for Contracting Officers by state, Agency, NAICS, PSC, and Keywords
  • Access Names, phone numbers, email addresses, positions, and titles for contacts
  • Learn how to register on interested vendor lists
  • Learn how to reach primes and contractors through email marketing
  • View contract details, Agency, Prime, Dollar Amount, and Expiration date
  • Learn how to find your targeted industry contractors and how to contact them personally
  • View the top Prime contractors for each NAICS
  • Learn how to contact CO’s within each agency/department to build relationships
  • View presols, awards, expiring contracts for all departments/agencies
  • Access websites, phone books, contact emails
Select GCR’s Government targeted marketing plan will springboard your knowledge and success with help from a GPA while accomplishing your goals. Not only will the foundation be built for longevity, but you’re also educated to succeed within the Federal sector after our services are complete. We look forward to taking you on this journey towards increased revenue and diversification while working with the US Government.

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