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HUBZone Certification for Your Business Stimulates your Local Community’s Economy

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The HUBZone certification program is designed to stimulate economic development and create jobs in urban and rural communities, also known as “Historically Underutilized Business Zones.” The program additionally provides contracting opportunities to small businesses in areas such as these, as well as hiring local team members to assist with economic development projects. *Click the HUBZone Map picture to the right to see if you’re located in a HUBZone area!

The HUBZone program is one of the Small Business Administration (SBA) programs, which is responsible for implementing and determining which businesses are eligible to receive HUBZone certification. SBA maintains a listing of qualified HUBZone small businesses that Federal agencies can use to locate vendors, and protest eligibility. In addition, SBA is responsible for reporting to Congress on the program’s impact on employment and investments in HUBZone areas.

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HUBZone Certification Contracts

There are four types of contracts that a HUBZone certification can qualify your business for:

  • A competitive HUBZone contract can be awarded if the Contracting Officer has a reasonable expectation that at least two qualified HUBZone small businesses will submit offers, and that the contract can be awarded at a fair market price.
  • A sole source HUBZone contract can be awarded if the Contracting Officer does not have a reasonable expectation that two or more qualified HUBZone small businesses will submit offers, determines that the qualified HUBZone small business is responsible, and determines that the contract can be awarded at a fair price. The Government estimate cannot exceed $5 million for manufacturing purchases, or $3 million for all other requirements.
  • A full and open competition contract can be awarded with a price evaluation preference. The offer of the HUBZone small business will be considered lower than the offer of a non-HUBZone/non-small business, providing that the offer of the HUBZone small business is not more than 10 percent higher than that of the non-HUBZone business.
  • A subcontract could be awarded by a large prime contractor. Federal rules require these contractors to include HUBZone contracting goals.

The process to apply for a HUBZone certification can be lengthy and time consuming. Our team can help you with the application process and help save you time and headaches. Contact us to learn more.


HUBZone certification eligibility requirements

  • According to SBA Size Standards, be a small business
  • The business must be 51% owned and controlled by: U.S. citizens, Community Development Corporation, An agricultural cooperative; or an Indian tribe
  • Its Principal Office must be located within a “Historically Underutilized Business Zone,” as shown at the following link –