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Show off your business’ viability with a professional Capabilities Statement

A capabilities statement is a Government resume. It is used to showcase your company’s capabilities to Government agencies at all levels.

Government contracting has become a very lucrative and competitive market. Standing out amongst your competition is extremely important to continually find success in selling products and/or services to the Government.

In addition, there are less Government employees at all levels of Government to handle outreach and acquisitions. Its important to put your business in front of them so they don’t have to search the open market for contractors. Therefore, your business needs to know how to “draw attention” to important information about your company. The information most important to a procurement officer must be stated in a way that is clear, concise, and markets your business according to the needs of the buyer.

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Ways a Capabilities Statement can benefit your company:

  • Showcases your business to Government agencies and lets them know you exist
  • Displays your qualifications and performance history
  • Proves your business is responsible and a viable option for awarding contracts
  • Distinguishes your company from competitors


Do not accept anything less than a beautiful, clean and easy to follow Capabilities Statement. This is a quick introduction and needs to make a lasting impression of being a viable option. Take this document seriously and work closely with the designer to ensure your brand is strong and your message is well written. Trust our team of marketing professionals to handle the design. First, you will go back and forth with a few revisions. Then, when it is perfect, you’ll approve the design.


Included in Our Marketing Programs

Your Capabilities Statement is one of the most critical elements to your company’s success. As you market to targeted contacts, you’ll need to show the best of your business. With your input, our dedicated team of marketing experts will craft a powerful Capabilities Statement. It will accurately represent your company and your capabilities to the contacts you target.

All Capabilities Statements should include:

  • Business’ bio and/or value statement
  • Company data such as NAICS codes, EIN number, CAGE code, and other company specific details
  • Past successful contracts or performances that can showcase you as a reliable contractor
  • All certifications, licenses and/or credentials your company has that set your business apart
  • Offered products and services that match the contracts needs

Not only that, but your personal advisor will also guide you on how to use your Capabilities Statement to successfully market your business. It will be personalized based on your brand and style. You will be able to make changes and approve the design before it is finalized.

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