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Get To Know Our Team of Federal Business Development Advisors.

During your journey with Select GCR, you will have one primary point of contact. This is one of our Federal Business Development Advisor team members. Our FBDA team is full of professionals who are well educated in the Government contracting world. They know the ins and outs of contracting and how to find low competition, high value contracts that you will win.


Toll-Free: (833) 336-3988

Meet the Team Behind Your Dream

These are the FBDAs who will guide and advise you on how to win big contracts.
Jason Bortz - Director & CEO of Select GCR

Jason Bortz

[email protected]

Jason is one of the managing partners and has been helping small businesses succeed in government contracting since 2012. He helped build a team of professionals that have well over 100 combined years’ experience in government contracting. Jason’s experience in building numerous businesses from the ground up has provided him with in-depth knowledge of processes, marketing, R & D, and overall business development. He’s played an integral part in creating marketing concepts, knowledge base information, and the services that SGCR offers their clients, which have produced close to a billion dollars in contracts, grants, loans, and other financial assistance. Jason wears many hats at SGCR, and each day is still heavily involved from the initial conversation with potential clients all the way through their success of attaining government contracts.

His knowledge and passion for government contracting is contagious and continually uplifts our internal staff and all clients that experience his webinars, trainings, and one on one sessions. He is always accessible and ready to help all that are willing to learn.

“Clients that follow our plan do succeed, that’s a fact!”

– Jason B.

Rick Kasnow

[email protected]

Rick has been a life-long entrepreneur but considers these past several years working with Select GCR clients among the most rewarding. Throughout his career, he has been involved in more than a dozen companies from startup to turn around. Selling to the federal government figured prominently in many of them. For over 20 years, he sold to dozens of federal clients as both sub and prime and mastered multiple types of contract vehicles and procurement methods. Whether you’re best suited for SAP, DIBBS, FSS, GWAC or IDVs of all stripes, he can position your company to increase your federal cash flow. After finalizing the sale of his last company in 2018, he joined the Federal Business Development Team at Select GCR.

While the government provides a mountain of free material on how to do business with the Feds, most attempts still produce no results. The Select GCR team brings the perspective of successful entrepreneurs and a deep understanding of several strategies for scaling your business within the federal sector. We are honored to say that through his industry knowledge and the support of an amazing team he has attained Platinum Elite Status by his clients attaining over 200M dollars in government contracts, grants, and other financial assistance.

“I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your business objectives and ultimately help you achieve success in government contracting.”

– Rick K.

Nick Waters

[email protected]

We are happy to have Nick as a part of our Federal Business Development Advisor team. We brought him on to the team because of his focus on analytics and in-depth understanding of technology.  As a key member of the team, he has mastered Select GCR Pro and researching all accessible public information that is produced by the US government. He is an expert at finding the contacts involved in awarding contracts, and providing clients with the steps that must be taken to introduce their firm as a viable option for awards. Additionally, he has a tremendous record of finding targeted contracts for clients with a high probability of bid acceptance. Over the past few years, he has helped our clients attain over 100M in federal awards and has achieved Gold Elite Status at Select GCR. He spends thousands of hours researching and uses our proven strategy to ensure quick success in Government contracting for all his clients.

“I am happy to share my tips and tricks with you as my client to help you accomplish your government business development goals. “

– Nick W.

Chad Zbehdin

[email protected]

Chad’s passion for marketing and R&D helped him gain in-depth knowledge and experience in business development during his career. His experience was a great fit for government contracting with Select GCR. We are proud to say that through effort and industry knowledge, his clients have attained over 50M dollars in Government contracts, grants, and purchase orders since becoming a part of this team. He has become adept at creating relationships in the Government space. He is also proficient at training our clients to nurture relationships into consistent sources of solicitations (including SAPs and Sole Source contracts). He is an expert at identifying solicitations ideally suited for his clients across a wide variety of industries. Additionally, he has been trained in evaluating and monitoring contractor performance and documentation.

“My plan is to educate you on how to find contracts that have a high probability of award for your business.”

– Chad Z.

Chad Freeman

[email protected]

Chad Freeman, a seasoned Federal Business Development Advisor, has navigated the intricacies of the government contracting landscape since 2004, amassing nearly two decades of experience. His focus on mortgages and mortgage law within federal agencies has established him as a respected authority in his field. Recently, he has been leveraging his expertise in contracting to help guide clients through the complexities of federal procurement. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Chad is a passionate advocate for veterans’ rights and welfare, showcasing his commitment as the Legislative Chairman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Chad’s commitment to excellence and his relentless dedication to his clients’ success has set him apart in the industry. He has not only fostered strong relationships with clients but has also contributed to Select GCR’s consistent growth this past year.

“The vast majority of companies need a partner to help them start out and navigate the Federal level of contracting…that’s what we do!”

– Chad F.

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