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Did You Know More Contracts Are Awarded to Businesses with A Professional Website?

Many Certifications Will Not be Approved Without a Professional Website Contracting Officers Can View.

Having a clean, polished and professional website is critical in today’s age. It is often times the first impression your business makes on a potential customer, or in this case a Contracting Officer. A business or contracting website from Select GCR is a powerful tool that showcases the best of what you do to both clients and key Contracting Officers who will look for a variety of resources regarding your viability in the Government space.

Think about your website as a digital, online version of your Capabilities Statement. It is faster, easier and more accessible than a traditional printed or hard copy version that you have to mail or send through email to review. Additionally, with a Capabilities Statement generally limited to one page, many businesses simply don’t have the space to list EVERY one of their NAICS codes.

With a digital version, you can do just that! We can list every NAICS code on your digital CAPABILITIES STATEMENT and also add pictures of your work. We have all heard the old phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Why not have your online version created today?

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