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Are you registered to do business with the government and thinking, now what? Where do I go from here?
Are you thinking about getting into government contracting, but like any major business decision,
want to do some market research to be sure it makes sense to do so?
With the Select GCR Pro tool, help has arrived.
Select GCR Pro is a powerful, proprietary database that pulls information from thousands of different
Government websites and databases into one unique and easy to use platform.
The Select GCR Pro Tool Enables You To:
Find Contact Information
for government purchasing agents at the Federal, State and Local levels
open solicitations in your area
View Expiring Contracts
within your industry
Connect with Prime
contractors and find teaming opportunities
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With Select GCR Pro is Easy!
This database is organized to allow you to do market research on what is currently being purchased by the Federal Government, who the acquisition people involved are, who the current incumbent is, and all research required to successfully market to Federal, State and Local purchasers.

Select GCR Pro also provides two databases, one via email and one in the Select system that notifies you of any opportunities that match a profile that is created for your business. The daily email contains not only bid response information but technical data that may be required for research, marketing, and sales assistance, bettering your chances of a solid proposal.

You’ll also gain access to teaming opportunities. Many large prime contractors will sub out large portions of the contracts which can help smaller businesses get their foot in the door and gain experience and past performance to use to further develop their government contracting portfolio.

Here’s an overview of what the Select GCR Pro tool will give your business access to:

  • Contact data for all purchasing agencies & contractors
  • Daily emails showing what contracts are available for you to bid on
  • Opportunities from 2,200 state and local organizations
  • Solicitations & awards from all Military and Federal Agencies
  • Expiring Contracts for the next five (5) years
  • Teaming contracts for all agencies
  • Lists of CIOs, Public Works, HR & Purchasing for US Government, as well as State & Local Agencies
  • Directory of all Government activities
  • Last price paid history
  • Technical data including 600,000 sets of drawings
  • Research Competitor's Contract Award History
  • Database of 800,000 companies - (610,000 emails) filtered by: Keyword, NAICS, Federal Supply Group & Professional Service Class
  • Database of all procurement officials filtered by: NAICS, Zips, Agency, Professional Service Class & Federal Supply Class
  • Provides access to expiring contracts for proactive opportunities filtered by: NAICS Availability, Key Words & Service code

Ready to get started? Click here for a Free 30 Day Trial to see how this powerful tool can help you find government contracts and get you that much closer to success in contracting.

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