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What Are Government Contracts?

The current Government spending program stipulates that 23% of the near $530B dollars spent in the private sector must go to small businesses. In 2021, 637 Billion dollars were awarded, so the Government CO’s and Primes fulfilled their quota’s.

Small business set-asides are a powerful tool for helping small businesses compete for and win federal contracts. There are many different kinds of set-asides, such as: WOSB, VOSB, HUBZone and 8(a) Minority.

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How Do I Find These Government Contracts?

The Government posts open solicitations in a number of areas. For Federal contracts businesses can search This website lists all available contract that businesses to research and bid on. State contracts are listed on numerous sites and each state has their own where these are posted. Just search Government contracts with a state and you will find the available options.

Professionals that are familiar with this industry also search for preexisting contracts that are coming up for recompete. When a contract expires, that contract goes up for bid competition again, and a new business can take over that contract. These types contracts have less competition and there are a ton of advantages when researching these opportunities.


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Let’s Break Down Some of the Different Government Contracting Set Aside Programs Here:

Contract Value

$3500 – $150,000

If a Federal Government purchase has a value between $3500 (also known currently as the “micro-purchase threshold”) and $150,000 (also known as the Simplified Acquisition Threshold or SAT) it is required to be automatically and exclusively set aside for small businesses.

There must be at least two or more responsible small businesses (Rule of Two) that are competitive in terms of market price, quality, and delivery for an automatic set-aside to occur.

Contract opportunities above the SAT of $150,000 can also be set aside if the Rule of Two is met.


$700,000 or $1.5M

In construction contract opportunities between $700,000 to $1.5M that are awarded to “Other Than Small Businesses (OTSB’s), these OTSB’s must have small business subcontracting plans where it is available. This is great news for small businesses and those that meet the small disadvantaged, HUBZone, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, and woman-owned criteria and are certified.

Prime Contract Goals

Specified Annual Contracting Goals for Small Businesses.

The Federal Government has specified annual prime contracting goals for designated small businesses in order to support them in winning Federal contracts. Currently, 23% of all Federal contracting dollars are awarded to these businesses.

In addition, businesses that meet the following criteria that are certified are eligible for additional opportunities:


Women Owned Small Business


Small Disadvantaged Business (8a)


Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business



Set Aside & Sole Source Programs

A set-aside is based partially on the value of the goods and/or services the Government is looking to purchase.

Government contracts can be set-aside for small businesses in the above categories. Additionally, there are sole source development opportunities available under the 8(a) program, and conditional sole source opportunities under the HUBZone, SDVOSB and WOSB programs as well.

Sole source contracts are contracts that only one company can provide the services needed. Qualifying for socio-economic statuses, and by being certified could allow your business to become a sole source supplier.


Select GCR Pro

With So Many Different Government Contracts & Programs Available

How Do You Know Which Ones Are Right For Your Business?

This is exactly where Select GCR comes in. Many small businesses attempt to navigate the government contracting and certification process themselves only to become discouraged by the intensive and elusive process. It’s almost like speaking a foreign language for many, if they’ve never done business with the federal government, it can be flat out discouraging.

Our mission is to guide you through the entire certification process by helping to:

  • Determine your business’s eligibility
  • Process your application ensuring accuracy and timeliness
  • Guide you through the application process, helping to put your best foot forward
  • Provide additional marketing services such as a capabilities statement and prepare you for creating and submitting contract proposals

It’s true, all of this can be done on your own. However, our staff has invested 100 years combined in figuring this stuff out. We’ve already made the mistakes that you undoubtedly will. We’ve already invested our money in learning the lessons that only time and experience can teach.

  • Save you valuable time to focus on more pertinent things such as gearing up for the business you will receive through government contracting.
  • We speak the government’s language and can decipher for you what exactly the contracting officers and agencies are looking for.
  • We have in-depth expert experience in all things related to the Government contracting process and maintain a 98% application acceptance rate, so let us help!

You know your business. We know government contracting.

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