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What is a capabilities statement?

A professional government resume.

It shows off what your company is good at and why it’s a great choice for government agencies. When you send it out to different people in the government, it helps them see what you can do and why they should consider working with you over one of your competitors. So, it’s important to make it clear and impressive, to stand out and get noticed for contract opportunities.

What is on your capabilities statement?

This document contains essential information about your business. Its purpose is to introduce your company and highlight its strengths. By showcasing your abilities and past performances, you ensure that your contact recognizes your business as a suitable option.

The goal is to provide a concise yet comprehensive snapshot of your company’s capabilities and qualifications to potential clients or partners. The purpose is to introduce yourself as a viable option in the contracting world and give your contact all your information so they can do their own research on your company.

A capabilities statement typically includes key information, such as:

  • Company name and logo
  • Contact information (address, phone number, email, website)
  • Brief overview of your company’s history, mission, and core values
  • Description of products or services offered
  • Qualifications, certifications, and relevant experience
  • Past performance and success stories
  • Differentiators or unique selling points
  • Key personnel and their roles
  • Relevant contracts or partnerships
  • Any socio-economic statuses or special designations (e.g., minority-owned, veteran-owned, small business, etc.)
  • Testimonials or references
  • Graphics, charts, or other visual aids to enhance understanding

How do you use your capabilities statement?

Using a capabilities statement involves several crucial steps to effectively showcase your company’s strengths and qualifications, particularly in government contracting. Firstly, introduce your company with a brief overview of its history, mission, and core values to set the tone and provide context. Then, highlight key capabilities, emphasizing your products or services and core competencies while displaying what sets your company apart. Include qualifications, certifications, and relevant experience, along with past performance and success stories to demonstrate a track record of delivering results. Additionally, highlight any unique selling points or differentiators that make your company stand out. Ensure a clear display of contact information to facilitate easy communication with potential clients.
Next, tailor your capabilities statement to specific needs and requirements of each potential client or opportunity, customizing content and messaging accordingly.

Distribute the statement to relevant contacts and decision-makers within target organizations such as government agencies, prime contractors, and industry associations. Follow up with recipients to answer questions, address concerns, and discuss potential opportunities further, as building and nurturing relationships is essential for success. Through these steps, a capabilities statement serves as a powerful tool to attract potential clients, secure valuable contract opportunities, and effectively position your company in the competitive government contracting landscape.

How can you share your capabilities statement with the world of government contracting?

It’s simple – let Select GCR handle it for you.

Our award-winning marketing strategy has helped our clients secure over $700 million in contracting dollars. We’ll put that strategy to work for your business. Our processing team will conduct market research on your behalf. Using Select GCR Pro, they’ll identify thousands of contacts matching your NAICS codes and geographic locations. Then, they’ll export these contacts and import them into our email marketing software.

Afterward, they send out monthly marketing campaigns and offer you open-rate reports. These reports give you the chance to follow up with contacts who engaged with your email by opening it and even those who took an extra step by downloading your capabilities statement.

We suggest you follow up with everyone who has opened your email. Every open counts as a lead for your business. These individuals are already familiar with your name when you reach out to them. It’s important to respect their time on the phone and arrange a meeting at a convenient date and time for them. If possible, a face-to-face meeting is ideal, but another phone conversation is likely.

Select GCR offers different phone scripts to all its marketing clients for use during conversations with their contacts. It’s important to get acquainted with the details in the script and let the conversation unfold naturally. Your contact should perceive you as a reliable and outstanding business worthy of awarding contracts to.

How often should you update the file?

Whenever there is a change.

It’s essential to regularly update your capabilities statement with the latest information. Whenever there are changes, ensure you promptly update your editable file, recreate your PDF, and resend it to your marketing contacts. This not only keeps them informed but also provides another opportunity to connect with your contacts. Typically, significant updates involve adding recent achievements such as securing large contracts, or obtaining new certifications that may qualify you for set-aside contracts, as well as updating NAICS codes if they change.

capability statement

Are capabilities statements a separate charge?

Absolutely not! They are an integral part of all our marketing initiatives. That’s hw critical they are for promoting your business. It’s imperative to enlist a professional to craft your statement to ensure its visual appeal. Our marketing team comprises experts in designing the ideal statement customized to suit your business. They personalize each resume based on your business’s logo, website, and preferences, ensuring a tailored approach to showcase your strengths effectively.

Can you create your own capabilities statement?

Certainly, you have the option to create your capabilities statement yourself, but why take the risk? Even if you possess design skills, our specialized marketing team understands the specific expectations of government contacts when it comes to contractors. We are equipped to elevate your presentation, ensuring a professional appearance that catches the attention of contracting officers and purchasing agents.

We strongly advise against using standard word processing software for this task. Such software often lacks the necessary design capabilities to truly enhance your brand’s image. Maintaining consistency with your brand and standing out from competitors requires the expertise of a professional who can leverage design elements effectively. Trusting our team to handle this ensures your capabilities statement reflects the quality and professionalism your business embodies.

At Select GCR, we specialize in crafting visually captivating capabilities statements for our esteemed clients. Collaborating seamlessly between our marketing experts and skilled graphic designers, we produce stunning and modern documents that elevate your profile above the competition. Our tailored approach ensures your resume not only communicates your capabilities effectively but also leaves a lasting impression on potential partners and clients. Let us transform your professional narrative into a visually striking masterpiece.


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