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How It Works – Explained by Select GCR

When a contract lands on the desk of a Government contracting officer their job is to find the best candidate to award that contract to for completion. Since most CO’s have an abundance of contracts to award, they must take the easiest route to complete this task. The CO will first look within their own inventory – Who have they worked with in the past, and ultimately who do they know, like and trust. If they cannot find a candidate within their inventory, they will refer to their file of business capabilities statements (Gov Resumes) to find a viable option. Next the CO will refer to GSA Advantage for GSA schedule holders since they have been pre-vetted, and pricing is predetermined. If all else fails, the CO will now push the contract to the open market through Government websites for all registered businesses to bid on. When entering the Federal sector, the goal is to be first, second or third in line, and not have to bid on open market contracts.

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