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Another Increase in Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors!

That’s right, the minimum wage for Federal contractors is increasing again. The Biden administration singed an executive order on January 1, 2023, which increased the minimum wage to $16.20 per hour.

It was only last year, April 2022, when the executive order was signed by Biden to increase minimum wage. The minimum wage for Federal contractors went up to $15.00 an hour. This increase came long after the previous increase by the Obama administration.

Back in 2014, Obama increased the minimum wage to $10.10. Imagine how happy minimum wage paid employees were to get the $4.90 raise.

The $15 was implemented on June 30, 2022, by the Labor Department. All employees of Federal contractors and subcontractors must be paid that minimum wage. Now they must accommodate another increase shortly after implementation of the first increase.

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Fighting against the increase in minimum wage for federal contractors.

Biden’s executive order was in question back by attorneys for Indiana, South Carolina, Nebraska, Idaho, and Arizona. They sought an immediate injunction to block the new minimum wage for Federal contractors. However, the order was within the right of the Biden administration under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act. His order promotes Federal contracting efficiency and economy.

Also, the Labor Department was on the Administration’s side saying that this increase in minimum wage for Federal contractors would not only reduce turnover but also increase morale. Another decision of the Labor Department was to extend this order to all subcontractors as well. This will deter contractors from simply subcontracting their jobs instead of hiring employees.

A few states sought to prove their case against the order saying that the order will make contractors lay off employees and let go of Federal contracting. They say it would increase unemployment rates in their respective States and decrease tax revenue. The judges realized that during both the Obama administration and the Trump administration there was no push back for their executive orders pertaining to the minimum wage for Federal contractors.

Who Benefits from Another Increase in Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors?

According to the estimates from the Labor Department, there will be around 300,000 employees who will benefit from the $16.20 minimum wage requirement. There is an expense for contractors over the next few years. However, the amount will come off their state taxable income so the impact shouldn’t be extensive.

Because of the order the Trump administration put in place, the only exception to the minimum wage requirement is seasonal recreational service employees working on Federal land. These contractors do not have to adhere to the $16.20 per hour. Other than those employees, all other Federal contractor employees will be part of the increase when it is fully implemented this year.

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Balance the Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

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