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Select GCR has done it again!

Winning awards is effortless for this industry’s leading company. Jason Bortz has spent years establishing his brand as the number one, go-to company for consulting services. He has put together a team of professional Federal Business Development Advisors focused on the world of Government contracting. They pride themselves on their clients’ success and guarantee their marketing strategy will land Government contracts!

GOV CIO Outlook published an article in their monthly publication specifically about Select GCR and the impact they have on businesses looking to get into Government contracting. The article starts with a short introduction into contracting and launches straight into the benefit to working with Select GCR. The author of the article does a fantastic job getting into the core of Select GCR. They thoroughly set clear expectations on partnering with this top of its class company.

“By streamlining the procurement process and reducing administrative burdens, Select GCR makes it easier for SMBs to compete for and secure government contracts, driving their success and enabling them to make a meaningful difference across the government and their communities.”

This article goes on to explain in detail the level of service Select GCR gives to their clients. The experience clients get far outweighs any other consulting firm in this industry. Select GCR is considered an A-Z consulting firm that educates, guides, and facilitates success in their client’s endeavors. It outlines the ethical behavior the company participates in, giving factual information and proven strategies to all of their marketing clients.

A Unique Government Consulting Firm

With being one-stop Government business development, they not only bring contracts to your front door, but they also teach you how to bid on them. This company brings contracts from across the United States right to your fingertips. They have proprietary software that scours the internet and pulls both contacts and contracts from every public database. It then presents the information in an easy to filter table that can dial in to the exact information that is perfect for your business. They have thought of everything to make Government contracting easy for businesses to be successful.

Benefits of Government Consulting

The author explains the benefits of the training and resources section of their website that is solely designated for their marketing clients. These courses help dive deep into the world of contracting. They outline every step of the process in easy-to-use how-to guides and educational materials. Also included in their resources are email and letter templates, as well as phone scripts to properly communicate your needs to Government contacts.

Closing remarks address the culture of the company. It’s centered on their core value called HOPE. Helping Other People Every day. This concept is instilled in all the employees, from the sales and support, to processing and administration. Everyone in the company strives to make sure they live up to the core value.

“The team demonstrates integrity and accountability throughout all engagements.”

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