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WOSB Start Up Guide 2023 - Select GCR

This 2023 WOSB Start Up Guide will help educate you on WOSB and how to get your certification. The U.S Government NEEDS Women Small Business Owners to bid on over $400 billion dollars in federal contracts for 2023. Women owned small business (WOSB) MUST be given 5% of the annual contracts due to federal set aside mandates. That is over $20 billion dollars reserved for women owned businesses. If you are women owned small business certified (WOSB), your company receives priority bidding on federal contracts and opportunities for set aside contracts with low competition.

Not only does your WOSB benefit from set aside contracts, it also puts you on the map as a business worth of the Government’s trust and patronage. It gives your business a Badge of Honor to proudly display for all Government contacts and allows more contractual opportunities to come your way. Not only can a procurement officer award a contract, they can also count awarding your WOSB a contract toward their yearly obligation. Checking multiple boxes is something agents look for when awarding contracts to businesses. Size and Socio-Economic Status play a big role in contractual obligation.

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