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Government Contracting Academy

Contractors are more likely to succeed if they have an education in contracting.

Select Government Contracting Academy (Select GCA) is dedicated to ensuring the ongoing education of small business owners in government contracting. The creators of SGA have years of experience navigating the world of government contracting and are eager to share the knowledge.

Break it down in laymens terms.

Using layman terminology and bringing the college level content to a 9th grade level ensures that the information is absorbed by everyone. It doesn’t matter what level of education you already possess, an education in Government contracting is easier than you’d think with Select GCA.

Five full courses outlining everything.

  • Who you should talk to: contracting officers, purchasing agent, small business liasons. We tell you who you should be putting your business in front of.
  • Why should you talk to them: contracts that they are offering. We show you how to find the contracts to go after.
  • How you should talk to them: templates and scripts. We provide you with all the tools necessary for effective communication.
  • What to do and how to do it: placing winning bids and procuring contracts. We explain the entire process and how you should prepare your business for exponential growth and generational wealth.

From learning terminology and acronyms to a complete business marketing model to skyrocket your success, Select GCA has it all. When you complete our courses, you’ll be walking away with enough knowledge about contracting, nothing will get you stumped along the way.

Position for Success

Course One

This course will go over exactly what you’ll need to become successful in your venture. Your business needs the essential skills to start off strong. Not only will this provide the base knowledge, but it will also expand your horizons as to what special steps you can take to ensure success. The basic knowledge of how to gear your business towards financial gain is the first step in achieving your desired outcome.

A crutial course for achieving your goals.

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Government Marketing

Course Two

Marketing to the Government takes a completely different approach than standard marketing. In this course, we outline exactly what you need to do to market your business to relevant government contacts. It goes into specifics on what certain agencies look for in viable businesses and how you can make your business irresistible to contracting officers.

Communicate with Contacts

Course Three

You’ll find communicating with Government contacts easy after this course. Not only does this course give you information on how to communicate effectively, but it also provides letters and email templates you can personalize and send out. There are also phone scripts, so you know how to navigate that initial conversation with purchasing agents and agency representatives. This course is always growing, adding more resources for clients to use.

Select GCU Government Contracting Communicate with Contacts
Select GCU Government Contracting University Winning Contracts

Winning Contracts

Course Four

From submitting bids to satisfying contracts, this course covers what to expect from the procurement process. This is an advanced course. You must have basic knowledge to excel at this level. The course outlines procurement methods, preparing proposals, bid writing, and much more. Business owners that get to this level of their education are guaranteed to win big contracts.

Select GCR Pro Training

Course Five

Our proprietary program Select GCR Pro is the number one database in the industry. Not all contacts and contracts are on public websites and databases. Select GCR Pro scours the internet, all government agency databases, as well as public websites to compile all available contacts and contracts into one user friendly interface. This course will show you how to navigate that system.

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Instruction and Guidance Every Step of the Way

During your educational journey, you will have access to our Government Procurement Advisors. This team of professionals have been in this industry for so long that they know how to be successful. They can help you conduct relevant market research, and how to manage that information properly for the best results.

Government contracting doesn’t have to be intimidating.

We take the intimidation factor out of the equation with our course work. The timing is completely up to you. There are no timelines, no homework, no teachers breathing down your neck. This is learning at your own pace with advisors standing by to field any questions you may have. No need to rush. We are here for you.

Select GCU Government Advisors

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