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Finding and Communicating with Contacts

In this comprehensive course, participants will gain essential skills and insights into identifying key decision-makers within the government sphere, enabling them to effectively market their services and products. As government contracts offer significant opportunities, this course equips participants with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully communicate with relevant officials, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Find Government Contacts

Go deeper into searching for contacts with the Select GCR Pro program.

Find Local Assistance

SBA and our network of partners offer free or low-cost counseling and training in your area.

Directory of Federal Procurement Offices

Contact a Procurement Center Representative.

Government Websites for Contacts and Contracts

Links to all the sites you need to be successful.

Prime Contractor Training

We teach you the what and where of prime contractors.


This is who you contact with small business acquisition matters.

Government Procurement Advisor

Your personal contracting coach.

Email to an Agency Buyer

Effective email communication to an agency’s purchasing agent.

Email to Agency Representative

Effective email communication to an agency’s representative.

Email to Request Post-Award Debriefing

The correct way to get award information.

Letter to Introduce Company

First impressions count when becoming successful in Government contracting.

Letter to Request FOIA

The original way to file a Freedom of Information Act request.

Letter to Request Post-Award Debriefing

Original way to request an informational meeting after a contract is awarded.

Email to a Prime for Teaming Opportunities

An email request to be a subcontractor to a prime on a contract.

Email to Prime from Subcontractor

An effective way to request a subcontractor on your contract.

Email to Find a Partner for a Bid

An effective email asking for a partner on a contract.

Email to a Prime Contractor

An effective email intended to introduce your company to a prime contractor.

Phone Script for Prime Contractors

Have a planned conversation with a prime.

Sequence Template for Prime Contractors

A series of emails to send out weekly.

Email to a SADBU Representative

An effective email to communicate with SADBU.

Phone Script for SADBU Contacts

Have a planned conversation with the SADBU.

Sequence Template for SADBU Contacts

A series of emails to send out weekly.

Email to Contracting Officer

Send effective communication to any contracting officer.

Phone Script for Contracting Officers

Have a planned conversation with a CO.

Sequence Template for Contracting Officers

A series of emails to be sent weekly.