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Obtaining Federal Government contracts for your small business is the best way to exponential growth. The U.S Federal Government is the world’s #1 customer for small businesses. They purchase a wide range of products and services in both small and large quantities strictly from small businesses. The government is required by law to provide such opportunities to assist the small business sector.

To put it frankly, no matter the state of the economy, the one customer that continues to buy – the United States Government. As a business owner, you should want them as your #1 customer.

So how does a business owner begin the process of the obtaining federal government contracts? Here are the steps to becoming successful in selling your goods and services to the Federal Government.

#1 – Does your business qualify as a small business?

You should at this point be asking yourself, “Do I qualify as a small business?” Your business must meet the size standard requirement to be deemed a small business. A size standard is a numerical representation of your business, reflected by number of employees or average annual receipts. Use this SBA Size Standard Tool to determine if you qualify as a small business. Obtaining Federal Government contracts is less competitive for small businesses.

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#2 – Properly Register your Business in the System of Award Management (SAM)

This is where things might get a little overwhelming. Rest assured though, obtaining government contracting opportunities for your small business can open up a wealth of additional revenue resources and skyrocket your business. Registering your business with SAM is essentially the ‘A’ of the contracting alphabet and you’re first real step. This is the ONLY way your business can get paid by the United States Government.

So what is SAM?

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a database of vendors that the government is approved to do business with. If your business in not an approved vendor, the Government doesn’t know you exist. You can not be awarded contracts, so your business must complete this first step. The process can be difficult, so our SAM Specialists are here to help. Register for our SAM Specialists help today! We can process your SAM registration or renewal quickly and get approved on the first submission!

Once your business is registered with, you will receive a CAGE code (Commercial and Government Entity Code) which is essentially five characters showcasing your SAM registration approval and allows the government to pay you for any contracts won or grants received.

Important stuff. Money.

#3 – Certify your business based on your socio-economic status

Set aside contracts are awarded to qualified businesses with a socio-economic certification. Most likely, your business falls into a socio-economic status. Obtaining Federal Government contracts will be easy. The following certifications allow your business to take advantage of the $400+ million spent yearly on set aside contracts:

wosb certification 8a mbe

#4 – Choosing the Right Partners to Navigate through Government Contracting

Traversing the government contracting world is intense at times and can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of databases to gather information from and finding the right contracts for your business is like finding a needle in a haystack. But, being a small certified business and registered in the SAM database is the best way to position your business for success.

The next step is to learn how to introduce yourself as a viable option to Government contacts relevant to your NAICS codes. Not all businesses take the leap into working with Government Contracts. Fewer still take the time to certify their business, which ultimately leads to opportunities at your doorstep.

Select GCR’s proven marketing strategies put your business on the map. We introduce you as a viable option to hundreds of contracting officers, procurement agents and prime contractors all looking for businesses like yours to award contracts. Select GCR’s marketing specialists will set your business apart with a fresh capabilities statement. Also, they market your business to targeted contacts, increasing your chance of developing trusting relationships.

#5 – Go after the perfect contracts with the help of Select GCR!

Because of our teams of advisors and our GPAs, you will learn exactly how to find the right contracts for your business. They will help you utilize the Select GCR Pro software to find recompete contracts, expiring contracts, and set aside contracts and who to contact to submit and win the bid.

Afterwards, you will learn proper techniques to bid writing and submission. Our training includes templates and scripts to keep open and easy communication between you and your interested contractors, and contracting officers.