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Today is International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to acknowledge the importance of Women Owned Small Businesses. Select GCR feels that women owned businesses are a vital in the National economy and should be held in high regard. We are honored to work with all different types of women entrepreneurs, and we value each one of our past, current, and future clients.


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International Women's Day WOSB WBE Certification

A Look Back in Women’s History

March was designated as “Women’s History Month” in 1987 by Congress. It all started with a weeklong celebration of the status of women in Santa Rosa California back in 1978. After the women celebrating women movement spread, the Government was sought after for recognition. Our former President Jimmy Carter held the first proclamation of March 8th being National Women’s History Week. It has since developed into International Women’s Day on March 8th and a month-long celebration of women’s history.

Woman Owned Small Business Certification

Today we are taking the time to celebrate women’s history by honoring and commemorating the women owned small business who received their certification with Select GCR. These professional ladies invested into their future and allowed us to facilitate their certification process.

WOSB Certification WBE International Women's Day

Client Spotlight on International Women’s Day

We appreciate these Women Owned Small Businesses and the women who run them. We want to spotlight our clients who received their certification in the past year.

Congratulations to these businesses:

Victory Supply Company – WOSB Certification

Kylobal – WOSB and WBE Certification

Ty’s Daycare – WOSB and WBE Certification

It Sparkles, It Shines, It’s Clean – WBE Certification

Red Kite Consulting – WOSB and WBE Certification

Inspired for Greatness – WOSB Certification

M & L Remodeling – WBE Certification

International Women's Day WOSB Certification processing team

Attain your WOSB and WBE through Select GCR’s experienced team of processors!

Something our processing team is proud of: Approval on first submission of our client’s application. Our team doesn’t mess around. They get all of the supporting documents in order and the application filled out entirely before submitting it to the SBA for consideration. Our combined 100 years of experience applying for certifications has made it second nature for our processor team to complete with ease and accuracy. They know how to cross the T’s and dot the I’s to ensure approval on first submission.

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by starting your WOSB application?

Because of the amount of certifications, we process through the SBA, we get special treatment during the approval process. On average a WOSB certification takes our team roughly 30 days from start to finish through the application process.

Could it take longer than 30 days to receive my certification?

The only thing that would slow down the process is the client’s ability to supply any required information our processing team can’t produce on their own. Usually this isn’t too difficult for our clients to produce, but not everyone is organized and sometimes it takes a while for a client to find a document. In that case, the verification and approval process can be delayed. This is why our team gathers as many of the required supporting documents as possible.

What’s the difference between WOSB and WBE Certification?


WOSB = Woman Owned Small Business
WBE = Woman Business Enterprise


There are four big differences between these certifications.

Size – while the WOSB requires businesses to be considered small by SBA standards, WBE certification does not have that requirement.

NAICS Codes – there is a list of NAICS codes that your business has to identify as in order to qualify for the WOSB whereas the WBE is open to all NAICS Codes.

Additional Fees – WBE has additional fees that the WOSB does not.

Set Aside Contracts – the Government sets aside contracts specifically for WOSB certified businesses, WBE does not qualify.

Why choose Select GCR to partner with in your WOSB journey?

We are on another level. The customer service you get with Select GCR is unmatched in our industry. Ethical and experienced, our company outshines our competition. We are here for our clients, to teach and guide them through the Government contracting world. WOSB certification is a drop in the bucket for our team. Sit back, put your feet up, and relax knowing that Select GCR will facilitate success guaranteed.

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