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From the good old boy network in DC where deals were done face-to-face and by a handshake, to today’s interwoven communication through technology, websites, and a sharing the wealth concept, the US Government has come a long way on how contracts are posted and awarded.

Over the last few years, technology has become a big part of Government contracting. From revamping and combining websites to eliminating others, there is now an easier path to find upcoming opportunities, and in return, more businesses are now getting involved.

There are 30 million small businesses in the US, but less than one million are registered to participate in Government contracting. Each year hundreds of billions of dollars are awarded to those companies that are properly registered. Since there’s limited competition, there is still plenty of space for others to enter this environment to get their piece of the pie.

The Government and third-party companies have created tools and programs to help businesses find contracts and contacts through query searches. With the open book policies of all information being public record, it is all accessible – if you know where to find it.

In the past, a business would register to be eligible for Government contracts and see there were millions if not billions in potential opportunities. The issue is what happened after the registrations were complete. Where do I find contracts, what do I look for, what do I do with them when I find them, who do I contact, and what do I say or send to attain my piece of that million or billion-dollar pie?

Well, those days are over!!

How Select GCR Pro Helps Clients in the Federal Sector


At this time, a race is going on to see who can provide the most information in a format that is easiest to understand and which company can simplify this process of attaining contracts so much that it becomes the norm for all businesses to participate in the world of Government contracting.

Select GCR is proud to say we are leading the way in this race to the promised land by providing an organized plan and an all-encompassing program that a layman can use and succeed with when entering this environment.

We have a proven record of leading clients to success in the Federal sector, and to this day, have helped our clients procure more than 500 million in government contracts, grants, loans, and other financial assistance.

Our plan starts with a “Ready Assessment” consultation with an adviser. We discuss dollars being awarded during this conversation, what agencies are involved, details of jobs, contacts, competition, and steps to take. When complete, each client receives a detailed report for their industry breaking down all of the important information needed to move forward.

We’ve also analyzed the traditional programs of today, filled in the gaps, and expanded on those features to provide a better mousetrap called “Select GCR Pro.”

“We’ve taken all of our years of experience, feedback from clients, and recognized issues, and have created a process and program that provides users a plan of attack with the proper tools and help to understand everything Government contracting. We have spent thousands of hours searching, researching, noting, saving, and formatting all available information the world wide web provided us, and have presented it to our clients with much avail”, says Jason Bortz, Owner of Select GCR.

Not only does the “Select GCR Pro” program connect users to the normal public information that is available – contract & contact information, dollars spent, agencies participating, etc. It provides access to educational and marketing information that teaches the important aspects of what to say and what to send when communicating with CO’s and Primes.

Select GCR Pro query searches utilize technology that points at websites and databases, determines which fields to pull information from, and present that information in an easy-to-understand daily email.

Jason Bortz, states “Clients now have a program that provides links to Government educational information for each topic, daily targeted opportunities that fit their industry/business, contact information for all participants and how to contact them properly, how to submit bids, and how to correctly follow up. All of this is provided in an easy-to-use online platform with visuals, manuals, documents, and templates to simplify the process”.

Select GCR Pro allows users to connect to websites, databases, and educational information, access valuable manuals, guides, training videos, directories, programs, requirements, toolboxes, programs, and forecasts.

Additionally, users access guidance buttons, descriptive videos, instructional manuals, step by step instructions, visuals, and diagrams.

For years, we’ve been piecing our concepts, tools, and programs together and has now created a proven concept that has changed the industry. Businesses now have a clear path on where to start, what to look for, and what to do with the information when they find it. The process has been simplified, and businesses can plan on working with the US Government as part of their business and growth plans.