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Our Client Marketing Programs Help You Build Relationships & Attain Contracts

Select GCR offers all-in-one Client Marketing Programs that position businesses to succeed in the Federal sector. Also, our client marketing programs provide the tools, education, documents, templates, and overall help to expedite our client’s knowledge towards attaining financial success in Government contracts. Our marketing strategies have been proven effective and have helped Select GCR’s clients attain over 700 million in federal funds.

Time Is a Valuable Resource for Business Owners

Each element of our client marketing programs is designed to educate clients while helping them build relationships and win contracts. Most important, clients will learn the overall process and philosophy of how this industry works. In return, taking what they have learned to continually proceed without the help of Select GCR.

By implementing these programs, your business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Focus your time and energy on your business while our team of professionals work to increase your revenue through Government contracting opportunities
  • Receive a marketing plan and assistance from our experienced team tailored to your busy schedule
  • Save money by bundling these services instead of purchasing them individually
  • Use our templates and scripts to effectively communicate with Contracting Officers, Purchasing Agents, and Prime Contractors
  • Avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated by allowing Select GCR to guide and educate you through the process
  • Expedited opportunities to increase revenue and grow your business

Discover the Power of Select GCR Pro

All client marketing programs we offer include access to Select GCR Pro. This is our proprietary program specifically designed for government contracting. This program combines public information from various government websites and databases all in one easy to use platform. Access to millions of contacts and contract opportunities with one click of the mouse. You gain this access with both of our marketing programs.

Select GCR Pro delivers on the following:

  • Create targeted searches by your codes, keywords, geographic area, & more
  • Receive daily emails with targeted search results specific to your business/industry
  • Access targeted clickable links to your needed government information
  • Save valuable information to your dashboard for ease of use

Your dedicated advisor and your GPA team will educate and train you on how to utilize the software to its fullest potential. Soon, you will discover the value this program brings to your journey in government contracting.

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Select GCR Pro
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Government Registrations

Our client marketing programs offer vendor registration with System for Award Management, DSBS and FEMA. Additionally, in the CSP program we include City, County and State vendor registration. There are certifications we register you for depending on what you added to your marketing program (WOSB, VOSB, 8a minority, HUBzone).

Our Registration Specialists complete the following on your behalf:

  • Verify and validate the Legal Business Name, Physical Business Address, and Identification Numbers
  • Obtain administrative roles and setup login details for registrations.
  • Optimize your registration for approval.
  • Determine Core data, NAICS codes, FAR Provisions & Points of Contact.
  • Monitor the IRS & CAGE code validation
  • communicate with the DLA until processed and approved.
  • Actively update registrations as needed throughout their term.

Capabilities Statement

Once your initial Registrations are complete, the next step is to create your Capabilities Statement (Government Resume). This document is vital when marketing and demonstrating your company to the Government. Our team or graphic designers and content writers will help represent your business in the best light when being introduced to Contracting Officers, Prime Contractors, and Government Contacts.

Learn more about capabilities statements

client marketing programs
Government Document client marketing programs

Government Documents & Templates

Receive government documents, templates and manuals that will detail the steps that need to be taken to achieve success within the federal sector. Become educated on the intricacies of bid writing and submission and understanding how to contact and communicate with CO’s and Primes.

These tools for success include:

  • Government Contracting Terms
  • Beneficial Government Websites
  • Government Success A – Z Manual
  • Bid Writing 101
  • Prime Contractor Phone Script
  • Contracting Office Phone Script
  • Email Template for Prime Contractors
  • Emailing Template for Agency/Buyer
  • Sample Intro Letter
  • Formal Post Award Debriefing Letter
  • Request for Debriefing Email
  • Freedom of Information Act Template
Prime contractor

Prime Contractor Registrations

The Select GCR Marketing team will search for the top prime contractors for your industry/NAICS. Then register your business as a Vendor, Subcontractor, or Supplier on that business’ website. You will now be introduced to this top prime and will now be eligible for upcoming prime to subcontractor contracts.

Our team will not only register your business, but we will also show you how to find Prime contacts in Select GCR Pro. In addition, we will teach your how to register and connect with them for an ongoing relationship and upcoming contract opportunities. All client marketing programs we offer include Prime Registration.


  • Register with the top prime contractors for your designated NAICS
  • Introduce your business to the key players in your industry
  • Connect with active primes in your industry
  • Increase your revenue through additional contract opportunities
Government Procurement

Government Procurement Advisors

Our GPA team personally trains clients on how to access, use, and benefit from Select GCR Pro. Clients will learn how to navigate through the federal contracting maze through communication and help from our GPA team.

Most importantly, clients will learn where and how to spend their time, what to look for, who to connect with, what to say, and what to send. Overall, clients will learn how to market to the Government through a developed government-targeted marketing plan.

Not only does our GPA team train you, but they also provide you with the following market research:

  • Lists of city, county, state, and federal contracts (current & expiring)
  • Contact info for contracting officers, prime contractors, and GSA schedule holders
  • Industry award history & competitor’s profiles
  • Lists of state agencies/departments & government data
  • Data for military & state purchasing locations, directory or state agencies, and public works
  • Quick links for city, county, and state government websites

Learn more about Government Procurement Advisors


Toll-Free: (833) 336-3988

We Help Businesses Just Like Yours

The Customer Assistance Program lays the foundation in order to take advantage of additional government contracting programs such as:
Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)

$26 billion in 2019 was awarded to businesses who were certified as woman-owned – Learn More.

Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Research conducted by the National Veteran Owned Business Association shows that 70% of Americans prefer doing business with a veteran-owned company – Learn More.

8a / Minority Owned Small Business

8(a) Minority-Owned businesses are eligible for & can receive sole-source contracts with a total value up to $4 million for services & $6.5 million for manufacturing – Learn More.

HUBZone Small Business

The HUBZone certification helps encourage economic development and allows businesses to compete for sole source contracts- Learn More.

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