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Select GCR’s done it again!

With our business growth and dedication to developing our employees, we have created an innovative culture. Ever changing and evolving our methods, products, and strategies, we offer top of the line service unique to each business. Furthermore, we’ve been recognized again for being the best. 2023 Most Influential Company by CEO Views!

CEO Views magazine approached our President & CEO, Jason Bortz, requesting an interview about Select GCR. They asked questions about who we are and what we are doing to innovate in our industry. Their team went through hundreds of companies to locate the cream of the crop, and we made the cut. Ultimately, we were chosen among the top ten most influential companies in the Nation.

Our 4-page article in CEO View magazine was well written and composed by their team of professionals. The article discusses our journey from inception until today. It talks about how we have evolved with the industry. The world of Government contracting has changed over the years, allowing us to grow into the business we are today.

Jason Bortz Select GCR Most Influential Companies of 2023
“Select GCR always stays one step ahead of competition by continuously analyzing the industry and listening to feedback from clients who are in the day-to-day trenches. Their marketing concepts are second to none and proven effective.”

The article goes on to explain that we offer a variety of services depending on your business’ level of involvement with contracting. We have marketing programs, certification programs, and registrations for SAM and local Government, just to name a few. Our business will also educate you and provide you with the tools needed to successfully market to Government contacts.

Federal Business Development Advisors are on hand to answer all your questions regarding contracting. They can explain industry trends and NAICS code optimization and perform market research based on your keywords and codes. Clients are impressed by the way our advisors tailor their research specifically to their business before the scheduled meeting. Our advisors spend over an hour looking at industry trends, award history, and open opportunities that are relevant to your business.

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