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Court rulings in favor of veteran owned small businesses and greater accountability of procurement officers leads to more opportunities for our veterans.

CLEARWATER, Fla.July 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Select GCR, a government contracting consulting agency, is pleased to announce that after successful completion of their GSA and Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Certifications, our client Best Tech Brands, was awarded their first contract within weeks.

The rigorous vetting process involved in getting on the GSA and becoming a verified vendor is what had Best Tech Brands stand out against the competition. (Click to Tweet!)

In addition, their Veteran-Owned certification further narrows the playing field for billions of dollars set aside for small businesses meeting those criteria.

Supreme court rulings such as the Kingdomware case and most recently the PDS Consultants case have also helped to create additional opportunities for veteran-owned businesses, upholding the “Rule of Two,” that applies to purchases made by the Veteran’s Administration (VA), a department that spends over $3 Billion a year with eligible veteran-owned small businesses.

The Rule of Two requires:

  • Contracts to be awarded on the basis of competition restricted to small business concerns owned and controlled by veterans (VOSB and/or SDVOSB)
  • If there are 2 eligible veteran owned businesses that can fulfill the contract, it must be set aside for veterans

Owner of Select GCR, expressed his satisfaction to be part of something so impactful to our country’s veterans. “We were so happy to inform Best Tech Brands on the importance and benefits of the GSA and veteran-owned certifications. Being able to help Service Disabled Veteran Jim Scott obtain his certifications and to be a part of helping his business grow in the government sector is very rewarding.”

About Best Tech Brands:
Best Tech Brands supplies fuel economy, wear and emission reduction solutions for city and municipal fleet waste management operations. Visit for more information.

About Select GCR:
Select GCR is a consulting agency that specializes in simplifying the government contract registration process for their clients and includes assistance with the SAM registration, socioeconomic status certifications, GSA applications and more.  For more information please visit