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Generating Millions in Government Contracts with Help from Select GCR.

When the Select GCR team decided to get together and choose a client to spotlight, a number of favorite client-success stories were put on the ballot. Whether these business owners received huge grant-awards, or locked down million-dollar contracts, each member of the Select GCR team had a worthy contender for the notoriety. After much consideration, we decided to spotlight a business owner that is the embodiment of government-contracting success, and CLJ Consulting and Contracting, LLC was a patent choice.


CLJ Consulting and Contracting, LLC is an SBA certified:

  • Woman-Owned Small Business
  • Minority-Owned Small Business
  • Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • 8(a) Small Business

Located in Waldorf, Maryland, CLJ

provides organizations instrumental support within the federal government and private sector. Engineered by an established business professional with more than 20 years of federal contracting and acquisition experience, CEO Charlotte Rose used her extensive knowledge of the field and founded CLJ Consulting and Contracting, LLC. CLJ provides services to both federal and non-federal entities.

These Services Include:

  • Acquisition and grant management
  • Information technology support services
  • Program and project management support
  • Finance and budget
  • Executive support

Charlotte Rose is a Hispanic-American woman and

Veteran of the United States Air Force. By selflessly serving her country, properly registering her business, and with a little help from her friends at Select GCR, Charlotte attained over four million in government contracts in 2019. As a business owner, Charlotte is the true epitome of an American success story and one of our favorite examples of a flourishing partnership with Select GCR.

“In 2018, we were blessed to be a part of two contracts totaling over $300,000—but I knew that if my business was properly registered with the government, more opportunities would present themselves,” says Charlotte Rose, CLJ owner.

In 2018, Charlotte began her journey to find a licensed government vendor for CLJ Consulting and Contracting, LLC. She was looking for a reputable company that could properly complete each interested registration, help her market her business to the government, and ultimately be the catalyst to take her already prosperous business to ultra-successful levels.

Like most business owners, Charlotte is very busy and does not have the time to run her business and register for government opportunities. Yes, even someone as familiar with the federal government as Charlotte is, she too realized she is better off focusing on her business and then hiring someone else to worry about the elements of federal contracts. Fortunately, Charlotte found us at Select GCR. After a few conversations and doing her diligent research, Charlotte felt we were the best firm to get the job done right.

Select GCR is a full service administrative, processing and marketing firm that helps businesses register with the Federal Government to attain contracts and grants. Being labeled as the preeminent authority for Government registrations and marketing, Select GCR’s administrative team and its unique marketing concepts, have partnered with thousands of businesses to increase revenue and diversify their business.

In 2019 Select GCR’s processing team

 completed the Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned and GSA schedule for CLJ while our marketing team provided CLJ access to the “Select GCR Pro”. Select GCR Pro, a database which connected her to all available contracts and contacts, allowed Charlotte to build her business while taking the needed steps to enter the Federal sector positioned, with the appropriate help and tools.

“Charlotte is the one that deserves all the credit”, says owner Jason Bortz of Select GCR. “She had the foresight to have her business properly registered, and to hire our firm. We are so happy to see another successful client take advantage of the opportunities that await their business when working with the government. This was amazing to watch and to be a part of. To see CLJ Consulting and Contracting, LLC go from 300K in 2018, to over 4 million in contracts in 2019, is a direct result of the steps that were taken. Charlotte is a smart businesswoman that took advantage of the registrations, certifications and schedules that she qualifies for…we are just happy to be a part of her success.”


It is easy to see why we chose Charlotte at CLJ Consulting and Contracting, LLC to be a featured client of ours. She is everything we love in a client, and Charlotte also gives us a reason to brag, if only just a bit!

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