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GSA is always looking to add new innovative IT companies to Schedule 70. New program are in place to help startup companies and put in a FAStLane.

What is the GSA

The GSA or General Services Administration is a government agency that regulates the GSA Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS) Contracts also called the Federal Supply Schedule or GSA schedules program. The GSA contracts are indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ), long-term contracts developed to assist federal employees in purchasing products and services; they contain pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, and other terms and conditions which simplify the purchasing process. The Schedules are divided into large business areas. The largest schedule is GSA Schedule 70 which focuses on IT software, equipment and services.  In 2017, Over 15.2 billion in contracts were awarded through IT Schedule 70.

GSA Schedule 70

GSA schedule 70 provides IT services for government agencies. The vendors available on GSA schedule 70 offer services catalogued under SINs (Special Item Numbers). These basic service areas include cloud, IT professional services, cybersecurity and satellite communications to name a few. Businesses contracted under GSA schedule 70 provide innovation and cutting edge technology services to our government. In order to stay competitive, the federal government is always looking to add new technology solutions to the schedule.

How to Get Contracted on GSA Schedule 70

Only 5400 companies are currently contracted on GSA schedule 70. The need for new innovative technology options for government agencies is increasing. Currently, your business needs to complete the following steps to get contracted on a GSA schedule.

  1. Register with Dun and Bradstreet to get a DUNs number
  2. Register with gov
  3. Open Ratings report at least 6 customers must participate
  4. Identify your solicitation based on schedule and SINs
  5. Meet Minimum GSA regulations
  6. Prepare an offer
  7. Wait for GSA review and approval

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GSA Minimum Requirements

Companies must meet some minimum standards to be eligible to contract on a GSA schedule. These requirements are in place to ensure the companies are stable and will provide good services to federal agencies. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Financial Stability
  2. At least two years in business
  3. Strong past performance record
  4. Products must be commercially available
  5. Products must be compliant with the Trade Agreements Act

FASTLane Program

Companies submitting under the Health IT, Cybersecurity, Agile Delivery Services or Cloud IT SINs can ask for expedited review under the FASt Lane. The program allows for expedited processing for modifications and new offers. The business must meet the business area qualifications and respond quickly to inquiries from the GSA.

Springboard Project

Government agencies need to utilize the latest technology to be competitive. Many times this cutting edge technology is provided or created by technology startups who traditionally would not meet the minimum guidelines for a GSA contract. GSA recognizes the need to allow startup to participate in government contracts so they enacted a springboard program which provides alternate requirements for startup companies. These tech startups can use past work experience for some of the required elements allowing a new firm to bid on GSA contracts before they hit the 2 year business requirement.

Timeline for Contracting on a GSA Schedule

The time requirement to join a GSA schedule is divided in to 2 sections, preparing a proposal and proposal review and contract negotiation with GSA. The timeline can vary based on the schedule you are trying to contract. The GSA reviews schedule proposals based on need so an IT schedule 70 proposal could be reviewed in only a few months while a proposal for a less in demand schedule could take over a year for review.

GSA schedule 70 offers over 15 billion dollars in opportunities each year for IT services and software. The need for technology solutions for government agencies grows every year so programs are in place to allow for expedited contracting and springboard programs for start-up technology companies. The first step is to register at and get any applicable certifications for your business. Select GCR is a third party government contract consultant with over 35 collective years working in government contracts. We maintain a 97% first time approval rating for our submitted registrations. Select GCR can help with all your registration and certification needs including awards to GSA schedule 70.