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Investing in Select GCR can make Government Contracting a Reality!

Government spending is up, creating huge opportunities for Government contractors, and in turn means unprecedented opportunity for small and growing businesses.

The U.S. Government is the largest consumer of products and services in the world. $500+ billion of the annual budgets goes to small businesses. So, for small businesses that know how to navigate the federal contracting maze, the opportunities are endless.

Small businesses are the backbone to the US economy. Yet, as of today only one million out of the thirty million are participating in the Government contracting arena..



With affordable services, and payment options, investing in Select GCR services is possible and can help to transform the way you do business.

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Why Should Your Business Try to Attain Government Contracts?

Dependable Income

Government contracts can provide steady, continual revenue for up to twenty years. Ongoing guaranteed revenue enables an organization to hire more employees, implement marketing concepts, and ultimately grow their business. This is especially good for smaller companies that may face slow months.

Strong Client Portfolio

Listing Government agencies, contacts and testimonials on your client portfolio will strengthen your business and attract new clients. Having a strong client portfolio is important and quality work on Government contracts will help with that.

Assured Payments

The Government has an excellent payment history and a high credit rating. For small businesses, this is a huge benefit that provides reliable cash flow. There is a stigma that follows this topic around but contrary to popular belief payments made by the Government are very dependable.

Increase Company Value

Attaining and completing Government contracts will not only increase the value of your business but will also help when applying for a line of credit or a business loan. Being awarded Government contracts makes your business a more inviting acquisition if you decide to sell and it shows earning potential when seeking credit or stock value.

Investing in your business with services from Select GCR could open doors to Government contracts that pay for your investment several times over.

“This afternoon, Opterna was able to compete for a bid that was set aside for GSA schedule holders only. We were awarded the contract on the spot with very minimal convincing or additional documentation requested. The dollar value already exceeds the investment to employ Select GCR in pursuit of our Schedule. Amazing work Ladies!”

Matt. O. Onojafe, Director of Government Contracting at Opterna AM, Inc.

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