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Why Do I Need a Notarized Letter for My SAM Registration?

After a series of security threats were identified on the System for Award Management website, (SAM) the General Services Administration, (GSA) responded with a series of steps to address the issues and to protect entities (businesses) registered in SAM. While the threats were reported to have affected only a small number of entities, the GSA, in collaboration with the Office of Inspector General and law enforcement, put measures in place to mitigate the threats and prevent future issues.

How did the GSA resolve the problem?

Affected entities were immediately notified and their registrations were temporarily deactivated until their information, specifically their financial and banking information could be confirmed. The GSA has also added periodic reviews during the registration process to monitor and prevent future issues.

In addition, the GSA required all entities to submit a notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk (FSD) confirming the authorized administrator for the entity. This requirement went into effect for all entities on June 11, 2018, however, as of June 29th, the requirement was modified as follows:

*Effective June 29, 2018 – Entities are only required to submit a notarized letter if they are new SAM registrants and have never submitted a notarized letter previously. For those entities that are required to submit the notarized letter, it must be received by FSD within 30 days of their registration or renewal. It is important to note that if an entity submitted a letter in the past for CCR migration or any other admin role – FSD will have that letter on file and it is *not necessary to submit a new one.

Where can I get assistance with my entity’s notarized letter?

The notarized letter required for SAM registration can be challenging to complete and many entities may need assistance to ensure their letter is not rejected upon submission. FSD will typically notify the entity of the rejection and the letter will have to be corrected and resubmitted to maintain compliance. Templates are available on below for a Single Entity, however, making sure your entity’s letter is approved the first time can be the difference between being able to pursue a particular opportunity, or having to wait until you’ve successfully met all the registration criteria. Getting professional help drafting the letter can make the process smooth and efficient and allows you to focus on the business of managing your daily operations.

Select GCR has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to SAM registration processing and can help your company accurately complete the notarized letter and the other items required for SAM registration quickly and accurately; so, you can be approved the first time. With a lengthy history of assisting businesses in obtaining SAM registration, Select GCR is consistently up to date with any and all changes to GSA and SAM processes, ensuring a positive outcome that puts your company on the path to a whole new pipeline of government contracts. Contact us today at (833)336-3988 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll have one of our SAM registration specialists contact you.