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Founder & CEO of Select GCR, Jason Bortz featured on the Spotlight Digital Network with Damon Roberts.

Earning Government Contracts is something that most of us don’t know a great deal about. That’s why Founder and CEO of Select GCR, Jason Bortz has been busy lately doing interviews across the country with a variety of news programs like Fox Business Networks Worldwide with Kathy Ireland and more! In his most recent interview on the Spotlight Digital Network with Damon Roberts, Jason shares his knowledge and passion for Government Contracting, and explains how you can get started in the industry as well.

Select GCR is a top Government Contract Consulting firm that helps business owners earn valuable contracts by leveraging their talented team of Contract Consultants. Jason discusses why Select GCR is a leader in Government procurement solutions, and how their unparalleled industry experience and unique relationships within federal procurement offices has uniquely positioned their clients to achieve success within the Federal sector. Furthermore, Jason explains how your business can qualify to pursue contracts and what it takes to be successful.

About Government Contracting: Select GCR Broadcast on Spotlight TV

1. Can you explain to me government contracting as a whole?

Sure, the Government spends hundreds of Billions every year to run the gov. Everything they do is outsourced to public or private companies. So, when they need a janitor, landscaper, Educational trainer, IT professional for example – they post a solicitation for that work description and then award a contract to a company that submitted a bid. The Gov has thousands of Gov buyers or procurement officers that work for different departments or branches of the gov, they post the award, and then chose the right business for the contract. Now on the other hand, businesses must register their business with the Gov so they can be seen by these buyers. The first registration is called SAM, which stands for System for award management – this is the payment mechanism for the Gov. So, you want to register their because if you attain a contract or grant you will then be paid through SAM. Next a business can certify their business if they are a woman, veteran, minority or HUBZone business. Qualifying for one of these socioeconomic statuses creates more opportunities. Then finally is the GSA – General Services Administration. This is the hardest registration to attain because the gov will thoroughly vet these companies to make sure that they can follow through with what they are claiming. This is the master’s degree of the industry and those with a GSA normally prosper tremendously.

2. What does the Gov buy and how much do they spend each year?

You name it they buy it. For example, Tractors, tires, pipes, furniture, books, clothing, office supplies, cleaning equipment, carpets to toiletries. They also spend Billions on studies, services, buildings, support, programs, training or even recruitment to name a few. The US Gov consistently awards over 450 Billion dollars in contracts, and over 500 Billion in Grants every year.

3. Why do you think that all businesses are not taking advantage of these opportunities with the Gov?

I really believe there are two major factors – 1. A number of people have misconceptions about working with the US gov. They think that the gov does not purchase products or services within their industry, they may think they are too small of a company to work with the all mighty US Gov, some think that the Gov does not pay well, or that they will take forever to get paid. In reality none of that is true. First off, everything is public record when dealing with gov. So if you have any question you can normally find the answer. And the Gov does buy most products or services, they do work with mom and pop shops, they can pay well depending on the product or service and they normally do pay on a net 30 especially if you are properly registered. The second reason is that most people have a lack of knowledge, and that ok. But again, everything is public record and if they took the time to read and research, they would be amazed about the opportunities that are available to them. Also, our company Select GCR provides a consultation that we call a “ready assessment’ at no charge. So we can get on the phone with anyone that is interested and walk them through gov sites to show them what they qualify for, and what opportunities are available specifically for them.

4. If people watching want to know where to go or how to attain Government contracts or grants where do they go?

Again, everything is public record. Also, search engines are now really good at allowing you to type in full sentence questions. So, for example typing – How do I get Government contracts, and then going from there. There are local small business advocates or even the SBA (small business administration). I think the easiest way would be to contact us at Select GCR and allow one of our Government Procurement Advisers to complete a ready assessment for their business. We can schedule a half our in front of a computer. Talk about their business so we can determine what they qualify for, walk them through Gov websites so they can see available opportunities, and discuss the steps that need to be taken. After that conversation they will be able to make an informed decision if Gov contracting is for them, if they want to go at this on their own, or if they would like help from our company.

5. Is there free help from the Gov that can help people?

There is free help with different groups like the SBA, small business advocates, PTAC, OSDBU. But these groups normally answer questions or point you in the right direction. They obviously do not process your registrations or certifications, they will not market for you either. So basically, you still have to accomplish everything on your own.

6. Can you tell me about Select GCR and the services that you provide?

Absolutely, we are full service administrative and marketing firm for everything Government contracting related. The initial friendly voice that most clients speak with are our GPA’s Government Procurement Advisers. These folks will discuss your business and industry, determine what your business qualifies for, determine the best opportunities and avenue for your business, discuss the steps that will need to be taken, and finally talk about how we can help and what type investment a company would need to make. Next is our administrative and processing team. These ladies are amazing because they have processed thousands of SAM registrations, Certifications and GSA’s. So, they know the tips and tricks, short cuts, and how to get through the registration or certification process in an organized fashion with ease. Finally, is our marketing staff trains our clients on the Select GCR Pro program, which is an aggregate database that connects to all city, county, state and Federal websites. Providing our clients access to all contracts and contacts that they need. They then take the proper steps to put our clients in a position to be seen where the right people are looking. Plus they connect our clients with the right people by reaching to them via email, phone calls, registered lists, FOIA requests etc. So we are well rounded and take our clients from A-Z in regards to being properly registered and marketing them to the Gov to attain contracts.

7. Are there other companies like yours that help people as well?

Yes, there is, and there seems to be more and more each day. Just like when trying to do business with anyone, I would highly recommend that all interested in Gov contracting and looking to have a company help – I would research that company thoroughly. I would make sure that they have been in business for years, they’re rated with the BBB, they have social media presence etc. It’s very important to choose the right company because processing these registrations and certs is not easy, and if you chose the wrong company it could take a long time to complete, or even worse it never gets done. Also, even though its hard the processing is the easiest part of what we do. The marketing is what’s most important so you want to make sure that you’re with a firm that can market your business and connect you with the right people. If not, your just registered and no one knows it, and that does nothing for you.

8. What differentiates your business from others that help people in this industry?

Well, we have been doing this for years. We do have an A+ rating with the BBB, we do have hundreds of happy clients that have posted their experience online. And the reason for this is because we are a full-service company that does take our clients from being registered to attaining contracts. I’m a very analytical person and I have spread that throughout my business. Meaning that our communication is clear and precise, our processors take our clients through a multi steps process as they complete their registrations, we visually show our clients how things are progressing, and our marketing efforts are organized and planned, so they produce results.

9. Where do you see this industry going and why should businesses look at this as an option for their business?

We’re just scratching the surface in this industry. This has gone from the good old boys’ network out of DC to an online machine. With technology being implemented it has streamlined the industry, organized everything and is holding everyone accountable. Everything is done with Eforms, things happen a lot quicker, buyers are fulfilling their quotes for contract to woman, vets and minorities. The Gov is shortening everything and simplifying things as well. So with the Government constantly spending 450+ Billion every year, there being an organized process to do so, and everything being public record it make things very exciting for what’s to come.

10. Has anything changed with Gov contracting over the years?

Again, implementing technology has streamlined and organized everything, and since everything is public record it does hold everyone accountable as well. I just think that having all of the Gov websites and the technology that has been tied into this industry is really going to kick things into gear and become more of machine that it has been in the past

11. What should people watch out for when trying to get into Gov contracting?

First who you chose to do business with, if you decide to use a third-party provider to help with the registrations and marketing. Just like all industries there are unethical businesses out there. So thoroughly research any business that you work with. Second, is just realize that this is not easy. There are steps that need to be taken and it will take time and effort to accomplish your goals in Gov contracting. Don’t think that you’re just going to register with SAM and get contracts because its not going to happen. You need to study and research to become prepared or you need to partner with a reputable firm that can help you take the proper steps to expedite this process.

12. Why should businesses choose Select GCR?

We have been in business for over 5 years, we have built an amazing team, have an A+ rating with the BBB, we have procured over 450 million in contract, grants, loans and other financial assistance. Have hundreds of online posts from happy clients, and we are the preeminent authority in this industry – need I say more?

13. What are some of the misconceptions about working with the Gov?

They think that the gov does not purchase products or services within their industry, they may think they are too small of a company to work with the all mighty US Gov, some think that the Gov does not pay well, or that they will take forever to get paid. In reality none of that is true. First off, everything is public record when dealing with the Gov. So, if you have any question you can normally find the answer. And the Gov does buy most products or services, they do work with mom and pop shops, they can pay well depending on the product or service and they normally do pay on a net 30 especially if you are properly registered.

14. I hear that only a small percentage of businesses get contracts, is that true?

In regard to how many businesses there are and how many are registered – yes. We kind of compare it to the gym membership. How many people purchase a gym membership, and how many people have great bodies. What I mean by that is that we all join the gym because we want to be in shape, but when we realize that we have to work for it, it doesn’t happen. Businesses register with SAM with hopes to get contracts but when they realize they have to work for it, it doesn’t happen. So those businesses that do put in the time and effort do succeed in the Federal sector, those do not.

15. I hear about subcontracting or teaming; can you tell me more about that?

Great Question – We always recommend to our clients to start with subcontracting opportunities. This allows them to be a piece of the puzzle rather than the whole puzzle itself. They are a part of a team and take on less responsibilities initially as they get into Gov contracting. This also gives them past performances to refer to as they move deeper into contracting in the future. And past performances are needed to get the big contracts. Also, Gov buyers and Prime contractor are responsible to fulfill their quotes for subcontracting work. This means that 23% of their jobs must go to small businesses, 3% to Veteran owned businesses, 3% to HUBZone businesses, 5% to Veterans, and 5% to Minorities. When you add all of those up that totals more than 175 Billion in contracts last year just for those audiences. So just like when a contractor builds a home, they need subcontractors for drywall, electrical, plumbing, roofing etc. When Gov contracts are awarded od a certain size, they also must have subs as part of the job.

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