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Big businesses were once considered “small businesses” until they found Government contracts.


Small businesses are thought of as the nation’s back bone.  The economy is directly dependent on small business growth and stability.  Why, because small businesses are the innovative, and provide the country with the best path to growth.

That said, many small businesses fail every year, the reasons are never concise but one thing I can tell you is that far too many small businesses do not do enough to educate themselves on ways to diversify their business.


What is the key identifier we see with almost all large businesses, you ask. Most all large businesses early on took the initiative to diversify their business and take on Government Contracts.


Most small businesses say “it’s too daunting” or “the work to get in it is not worth the reward”, or “My business it too small to take on Government Contracts”.  My answer is none of this could possibly be true because no large business started large, correct?


One thing that large businesses know is that the Government is very consistent in their spending; therefore, the stream of revenue is also consistent, no matter the state of the economy.

Government Contracts provide a source of revenue that can be more relied upon.  Is it easy to get into Government Contracting? The simple answer is NO but there are ways to make it simpler. For instance, look into contracting vehicle such as a GSA Schedule Contract, also referred to as an FSS Contract or MAS Contract. The GSA Schedule Contract provides you with a streamline source to enter into the Government contracting space.


Shame on small businesses for not at the very least looking into this resource that is readily available and thought of as the most cost effective and efficient way of entering into the Government contracting space.  Money flowing through GSA Schedule contracts has increased exponentially over the last few years making this an even more attractive option for small businesses.


Select GCR is a consulting firm that specializes in simplifying government contracting opportunities. Your business can experience growth and stability through Government contracting vehicles just like many other small businesses that are now considered large. To request more information or a complimentary consultation please fill out the form above or Contact Us Here!