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During the holiday season, most of us tend to contemplate life. What our family and friends mean to us. How thankful we are for the people in our lives, for what we have earned, and for what we have achieved. It is a time of reflection and a time of consideration. We look forward to the future and plans or goals we will aspire to.

We feast! Americans spend hours baking and cooking to provide a bountiful meal for loved ones. Every family holds their own tradition of what they eat on Thanksgiving. The tradition of Turkey and pumpkin pie lives on through families across the country. Some have different traditions, cooking seafood, or Italian dishes. There are so many different cultures living in America, traditions are just as unique as the family that celebrates them.

Some fill the holiday with charitable donations. The tradition of charity is very common. Those who have the money donate to charities of their choice. Others give themselves, helping at local community outreach centers or soup kitchens. People often donate food, clothes, and blankets for the homeless. There are those who are on the receiving end of that charity, thankful for those who serve. Thankful for having shoes or clothes on their back. We all give out goodness and faith in positive actions. The reaction from positive actions can have a ripple effect and the goodness spreads.
Throughout the holidays, we like to keep tradition here at Select GCR. Our staff gives back to the community by donating items to a local food pantry in Clearwater, Florida. We hold a “Potluck Lunch” the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Everyone brings in a dish and we all enjoy lunch together. We say what we are thankful for and anyone who is able brings in pantry items for donation. It’s our way of showing our support of our community.

We also decorate the office as a tradition. Our staff bring in holiday decorations and spread the cheer around the office. From putting wrapping paper around their office doors to putting garland around their desks with ornaments and fake snow. They make the office feel festive. The holidays are a fun time here at Select GCR.

Everyone here is thankful for being employed with Select GCR. The atmosphere is positive and upbeat. Management respect and appreciates the employees. Everyone gets along and is polite to each other. Collectively, everyone is Thankful to Jason Bortz, our President and CEO for creating an awesome place to work.

We hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and has a safe holiday.