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Financing options for government contracting consulting services makes the opportunity to do business with the Federal Government possible, even when the capital isn’t there.

CLEARWATER, Fla.Aug. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Select GCR, a government contracting consulting company, is paving the way for small businesses to make government contracting opportunities a reality, by making financing available for its consulting services with Behalf.

“We are pleased to give our customers an opportunity to invest in their future and make their dreams of government contracting a reality, by offering easy financing options with Behalf,” says Shawna Moore.

“We know that small businesses may not always have the dollars available to invest in the time-saving and expert services our company provides, so we are thrilled to make this option available.” Click to Tweet

The US Government purchases approximately $400 billion in goods and services from the private sector each year, $920 million going to “set aside” for small businesses. There are also further targeted sub-goals established for the following categories:

These programs and certifications are something companies can apply for on their own, yet many times the process can be painstakingly difficult, especially for businesses that are relatively new to doing business with the government.

Where Select GCR steps in, is with the experience and expert staff that can help take the mystery out of the process, and partner with businesses who are looking for help with certifying for the above categories, as well as SAM registrations and even the GSA.

With the addition of, a BBB accredited and simple-to-use lending company, the opportunity to do business with the Federal Government is that much closer for many small businesses.

About Select GCR:

Select GCR is a consulting agency that specializes in simplifying the government contract registration process for their clients and includes assistance with SAM registration, socioeconomic status certifications, GSA applications and more. For more information please visit

About Behalf:

Behalf’s mission is to empower commerce for businesses large and small with on-demand cash flow solutions. We help businesses where they need it the most by increasing their purchase capacity for the things they need to grow. For more information please visit