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Show Government Procurement Officers What Your Company Can Do with a Capabilities Statement

A capabilities statement is a document that can be used to showcase your company’s capabilities to Government agencies at the federal, state, county, city, and municipal levels

Government Contracting has become a very lucrative and competitive market. With businesses of all sizes, from small and medium, to fortune 500, standing out against your competition is extremely important to continually find success in selling products and/or services to the Government.

In addition, there are less Government employees at all levels of Government to handle outreach and acquisitions. Therefore, your business needs to know how to “draw attention” to the information about your company that is most important to a procurement officer aka “decision maker” and be stated in a way that is clear, concise, and markets your business according to the needs of the buyer.

Start Your Government Contracting Journey

Take the first step into Government Contracting with a SAM (System For Award Management) Registration.

Ways a Capabilities Statement can benefit your company:

  • Helps to complete Government registrations.
  • Opens doors and additional opportunities with new agencies.
  • Provides proof of qualifications.
  • Provides proof of performance.
  • Distinguishes your company from competitors.

Do not except substitutes when getting assistance with developing a quality Capabilities Statement. This is virtually a road map of your business and should be taken seriously and trusted to a professional.


Is Included In Our Government Marketing Programs

Your Capabilities Statement is one of the most critical elements to your company’s success, as you’re just getting started in Government Contracting. With the input of your team, our dedicated staff of experts will help craft a Capabilities Statement that powerfully represents your company and its capabilities that will include:

  • Your company’s bio and value statement.
  • Company data such as NAICS codes, DUNS number, CAGE code, and other company specific details.
  • Past successes, “big wins” that can showcase real world examples for contracting officers and purchasing agents to see.
  • Any certifications and/or other credentials your company has and can help set your business apart.
  • Products and Services – displayed in a way that is easy to read and digest by the reader.

Not only that, your personal Government Procurement Adviser will guide you on how to use your capabilities statement to successfully market your business to the Government and Businesses.

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