About Us

Our vision is to offer business solutions, analytics and tools that help our clients succeed in the government market.

Select GCR's main focus is to accurately complete our client’s registration needs and advise them on how to successfully market and advertise to the federal government. With years of experience our methods and tools have helped thousands of businesses take the proper steps towards being properly registered, and to be on the forefront of attaining government contracts and/or grants. Our services and methods are designed to ultimately help businesses successfully navigate their way through the federal contracting maze with ease.

You need a lot of know-how and understanding to enter this in-depth environment. To start with, a business must take the proper steps when registering with the Government whether for Sam, Certs or the GSA. Businesses must know how to find contact information for Government purchasers, know what contracts are available to them, and they must understand the forecast of their industry to stay ahead of the curve.

Select GCR provides a team of business development and registration specialists that organize and help create the internal structure within companies to do business with federal, state and local governments. By handling the time-consuming and highly detailed task of System for Award Management (SAM) through General Service Administration (GSA), our staff helps businesses take advantage of the government's ongoing commitment to the small business community. Our staff navigates our clients through the cumbersome registration process, qualifications, and bid submissions to attain federal work through government buyers and private-sector procurement officers. Select GCR provides our services to Fortune 500 companies, local governments and businesses of all sizes.

Quality services

Our specialists have over 30 years of experience processing Government registrations. With constant training and understanding of the ongoing changes our staff makes sure that all files are current and up to date for our clients. Our specialists have an in-depth understanding of all format, element, and phase changes that the federal government is continually implementing and updating.


It is our goal to assist our clients and partners to obtain opportunities within Government agencies to increase their growth and impact their profits. At Select GCR we will always strive to deliver on time with quality services. We will ensure every need and request is satisfied for our clients and partners in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our commitment is to ensure excellence in leadership, attitude, and integrity at all times.


Our vision is to offer business solutions, analytics, and tools that help our clients succeed in the government market.