The average active GSA schedule holder earned 2.9 million last year!

You can now access "Select GCR Pro" – Email or call to speak directly to a contract consultant.
Allow one of our representatives to walk you through a visual presentation.

"Select GCR Pro" is the tool that will lead you through the federal contracting maze.

Within this web site/database we will provide you a company profile that is specific to your company/industry.

Key features -

  • Receive an industry forecast for the next 5 years
  • Receive daily emails showing what contracts are available for you to bid on
  • Access all contact data for purchasing agencies and contractors
  • Review expiring Contracts
  • View teaming contracts for all agencies

The features listed above only scratch the surface of what “Select GCR Pro” can offer.

Registering with the Government is only the first step towards achieving Government contracts

Registering with SAM is only the first step as you navigate your way through the federal contracting maze. As we say here at Select GCR – SAM is only the "A" of the alphabet. So it's important that you fully understand how to get to "Z" (Z = Government Contracts)

Allow us to introduce you to "Select GCR Pro". One of our contract consultants will provide you a visual of this proprietary website/database. This tool will provide you information such as:

  • Contact data for all purchasing agencies and contractors
  • Opportunities from 2,200 state and local organizations
  • Solicitations and awards from all Military and Federal Agencies
  • Expiring Contracts for the next 5 years
  • Teaming contracts for all agencies
  • Lists of CIOs, Public Works, HR & Purchasing for US Government as well as State & Local Agencies
  • Over 600,000 drawings

This is a very important tool that will provide you information and steps towards achieving Government contracts.

*Navigating your way through the federal contracting maze can be very difficult if you have not taken the proper steps

What is FBO?

Federal Business Opportunities commonly referred to as Fed Biz Ops or FBO is a web-based portal which allows vendors to review Federal Procurement Opportunities over $25,000.

What is GSA?

The GSA Schedule is one of the most widely used methods by which the federal government purchases goods and/or services. GSA is a formal agreement between the Federal Government and a commercial business that allows the General Services Administration (GSA) to purchase a wide range of products and services at volume discount pricing with convenience and ease.

What is DSBS?

DSBS is a tool that is sponsored by the Small Business Administration. This site is used by government agencies and contracting officers to search for registered companies that can fulfil contract opportunities that are under 25,000.


The System for award management was designed to streamline the process of both obtaining and procuring federal contracts by integrating the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance and all federal procurement systems into one. When a company registers with SAM they will receive a cage code and be able to receive funds from the federal government

What We Do?

SelectGCR's main focus is to counsel businesses on how to market and advertise to the federal government. With years of experience our methods and tools help businesses take the proper steps towards being on the forefront of attaining government contracts. Our services are designed to help businesses successfully navigate their way through the federal contracting maze with ease.

You need a lot of know-how and understanding to enter this in-depth environment. To start with, a business must take the proper steps when registering with the Government whether for Sam or GSA. Businesses must know how to find contact info for Government purchasers, know what contracts are available to them, and they must understand the forecast of their industry to stay ahead of the curve. SelectGCR can help with all of those aspects.

No matter the state of the economy, one customer keeps buying - The Federal Government.