Government Registrations

Government Registrations – (SAM, DBSB, FEMA & FBO)

Our registration Department will do the following while completing the above registrations -

  • Verify and validate the legal Business name, Physical Business address and DUNS Number
  • Determine the type of registration - NEW, Migration or Renewal
  • Complete the CCR migration process
  • Obtain administrative Roles for our client with their registration
  • Process the registration; assign Core data, NAICS codes, FAR provisions & Points of Contacts
  • Monitor the IRS & CAGE code validation and communicate with the DLA until processed
  • Make any updates to the entities registrations as needed through their term (1yr - 10 yr.)

CCR – (Central Contract Registration) was the primary supplier database for the US Federal Government until July 2012. The CCR collected data from suppliers, validated and stored this data, and disseminated it to various government acquisition agencies. In July 2012, the CCR transitioned to the System for Award Management

SAM - (System for Award Management) combined legacy user records in the CCR and eight other separate websites and databases that aided in the management of Federal procurement from start to finish. This consolidation SAM was designed to "reduce the burden on those seeking to do business with the government. In addition to eliminating redundancies and streamlining processes, SAM provides a single help desk to resolve issues with any of the databases. When an entity registers with SAM they have taken the first step towards being eligible for contracts and grants. The entity will receive a CAGE code and will now be recognized in the eyes of the Federal Government. SAM is the payment mechanism for the Federal Government to pay entities when they attain a contract or grant so the entity must provide banking info during the registration process.

DSBS – (Dynamic Small Business Search) is used by the government very similar to the way you and I use Google. Purchasing agents use this site to search for companies that have properly registered with SAM and DSBS. All contracts awarded through DSBS are under $25,000. If chosen, that company will receive a call or email from the purchasing agent asking them to submit a quote. Contracts awarded through DSBS do not have to go through the bidding process and will be awarded to the company selected by the purchasing agent.

FEMA – (Federal Emergency Management Agency) the agency's primary purpose is to coordinate the response to a disaster that has occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities. The governor of the state in which the disaster occurs must declare a state of emergency and formally request from the president that FEMA and the federal government respond to the disaster.

FBO - (Federal Business Opportunities) Businesses use this site to search for all available contracts. Anytime a bid is released that falls within your industry and the geographical areas that you serve you will be able to find it on this site. All bids released over $25,000 are mandated to be released for notification through this site/database for pre-solicitation, solicitation, and award.