Outsource To The Pro's

Navigating your way through the federal contracting maze can be very difficult if you have not taken the proper steps. You need a lot of know-how, patience and understanding to enter this apace environment.

Ask yourself a few or all of the questions below and determine if you need help. Large and small companies throughout the world outsource IT, hiring, HR and accounting. Government registrations and contracting is more in-depth and involved than all others combined.

  1. Determine your entity’s type of SAM registration - new, migration or renewal
  2. Determine if your company qualifies for a GSA Schedule
  3. Determining the correct GSA Schedule for your business
  4. Does your business have a DUNS #
  5. Are you familiar with DSBS? (Dynamic Small Business Search)
  6. Are you familiar FBO? (Federal Business Opportunities)
  7. Are you familiar FEMA? (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
  8. Are you familiar the DOD? (Department of defense)
  9. Are you familiar with FAR/DFAR?
  10. Should your business register with DSBS, FBO, DOD and FEMA
  11. Are you familiar SAM? (System for Award Management)
  12. Are you aware of the migration from CCR to SAM and the phase, element and format changes that have occurred?
  13. Is the purpose of your registration for contracts, grants, or both?
  14. Is your company for profit or nonprofit?
  15. Do you know what NAICS codes are?
  16. Do you know what NAICS codes should be assigned to your business?
  17. Do you know what steps to take after your registrations are done?
  18. Do you know where to find Government purchasing agents contact info?
  19. Do you know how to set up a profile and receive emails on a daily basis about contracts that are available to you for your industry?
  20. Do you know how to find out what contracts/grants were awarded in previous years for your NAICS codes or key words?
  21. Would you like to know what contracts/grants your top competitors are receiving from the Government?
  22. Do you know what a Capability Statement is?
  23. Do you know how to write a capability statement?
  24. Do you know how to write bids?
  25. Are you familiar with Set Asides? (WOSB, VOSB, 8(a), SDVOSB, HUB Zone)
  26. Are you familiar with the GSA?
  27. Do you know who to contact and how to attain Government contracts
  28. When all of your registrations are complete, what ultimately would you want to happen
  29. Are you aware of the phase, element and format changes that have recently occurred?
  30. Do you know how to find access to contracts for city, county, state and federal?
  31. Is your business eligible for set asides?
  32. Is your business in a HUB Zone?
  33. Do you know how to find expiring contracts?
  34. Are you familiar with Teaming opportunities?
  35. Do you know where to find your industry forecast for future government spending?
  36. Is the government spending money in your industry?
  37. Are you familiar with Select GCR Pro?
  38. Do you have someone internally that has a vast knowledge of Government purchasing and the steps that need to be taken?
  39. Is your business eligible for grants?

*Are you starting to see that it would be a wise investment to have the pro’s handle this for you. Contact us for a free consultation, we’re here to help!