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Our GSA Specialist

To say that we are so lucky to have Cheryl Aquilino on our SelectGCR team simply does not fully encompass how invaluable she is to us. As a specialist who has invested almost 11 years into GSA (General Services Administration), Cheryl is our go-to gal for all things in this lucrative industry. Her knowledge, acute attention to detail, and her excellent rapport with the GSA Federal contracting officers is a key factor in the everyday success of SelectGCR.

Working with any federal agency can feel like a daunting and time-consuming task.

Between the acronyms, negotiations, and the copious amounts of detailed questions, it’s no wonder business owners are left feeling like they will never lock down a GSA contract. This is where Cheryl swoops in like the government Wonder Woman she is and saves the day. Cheryl knows what the government wants, what they are willing to do, and most importantly, how to take care of her beloved clients.

As a GSA contract specialist and consultant,

Cheryl facilitates negotiations between you—the client—and the GSA Federal contracting officer. The contracts have a five-year term and are renewable up to three times (20 years). Once a contract is finalized, any changes are not permitted for one year, but before anything is set in stone, Cheryl prevents the client from losing money on the purchasing price percentage.

Negotiating is a major tool when it comes to working with the federal government.

Many business owners believe they must acquiesce to the GSA contracting officers, but this is a very common and very frustrating mistake. When the contracting officer offers a deal, Cheryl ensures this deal is in your favor—and not the government’s. Having a Cheryl Aquilino on your side is exactly what your business needs to guarantee you are getting the most out of your GSA contract.

Following a finalized contract, Cheryl educates her clients on marketing strategies and nurtures success within the business’s GSA market.

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