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Are You A Woman Who Owns & Operates A Small Business?

If yes, you need to stop spending so much money and start applying for the funds that are handed out every day to women like you. Being a woman who owns her own business is a rewarding feeling all on its own, but why not take advantage of the green rewards the government has set aside for you? Many women who own their own businesses are aware of the ​grants​ and ​federal contracts​ available out there in the ether—the ether being the government, and let’s be honest, the government is not known to be clear, concise, and definitely not upfront.

So, where does such a busy woman start with her federal reward opportunities? A good place to start is, where it all started for you—your business. Do you know what kind of grant opportunities your business qualifies for? Who are you looking to be contracted with? Are you a woman-owned small business ​(WOSB)​, or an economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business ​(EDWOSB)​? Where do you run your daily business activities? Are you a ​minority and women-owned small business? Is your business even considered ​“small”​? These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself as you begin your procurement journey.

What Is A woman-owned small business certification?

What is My WOSB Business Type?

woman-owned small business certification

Once you determine your woman-owned small business “type”, you should seriously consider becoming certified​ before you apply for contracts and grants! This may seem like you are hitting a snag, but there are plenty of licensed vendors available that help women get certified every day. When it comes to choosing a vendor, proceed with caution and do your research.

As You Probably Already Know…

A grant is free money from the government that you do not have to pay back. This free money is awarded to you when you officially qualify for a specific grant. A woman-owned small business has many available grants that target them specifically, but not all grants are created equal.

It is worth noting, the greater the reward, the greater the requirements to successfully snag your free funds. This is not necessarily a negative, yes, some of the biggest grants are tougher to come by, but if you qualify you are possibly looking to receive money that could easily take your woman-owned small business to the next level.

When you are certified your chances of being selected for a ​big contract​ significantly increases. A certified women-owned small business stands out far above self-certified women-owned small businesses.

Want to See if You Qualify for a WOSB Certification?

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Which Grants Are Available for A Women-Owned Small Business?

The good news is, the list is long nowadays. ​​ is a very popular site for all business owners to search for grants, but there are foundations set up specifically for women.

Here are a few that are still open as of February 2020:

Other amazing grants for women-owned businesses can be found ​HERE​. Most of these grants have met their deadline, but they are great to consider for next year!

These are the grants that female entrepreneurs just like you are applying for every day. As we said before, applying for and receiving your award comes with expectations and qualifications, but as far as how much money is available…well, we are talking in the billions. YES, billions of dollars are set aside by the government for a woman-owned small business to claim. The SBA​ (Small Business Administration) confirms that the federal government must award around about $25 billion dollars to women-owned small businesses and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses. Every year, the government is handing out money like candy to these woman-owned small business go-getters who, in what used to be considered a man’s world, are success-bound women finding their place in entrepreneurship.

Be wary of grant-opportunities that require money to receive awards. There is a difference between utilizing a ​third-party vendor​ to register your business with ​​ and paying a third-party company to receive “access” to these precious rewards. In a world where you must have money to make money​, you are better off spending your hard-earned dollars on a company that will help certify your business as a woman-owned small business and open the doors to endless financial opportunities.

30 days after the end of June 2020, business owners will ​no longer be able to self-certify​ as a woman-owned small business or EDWOSB, according to the Small Business Administration. You can be a women-owned small business, but if you are not certified, these contracts and grants will be nearly impossible to obtain for your business. That is a lot of free money that you will be losing out on! Now is the time to decide on a trusted government vendor, one who is going to walk you through the process, certify your business, and help foster immense growth and success for your company.

The government is always changing and being up to date on current policies can take valuable time away from running your business. At ​SelectGCR​, we make it our top priority to see that your woman-owned small business is successful. We take on the hard, and sometimes annoying, work so that you can focus on what is most important to you—your business. No gimmicks and no pressure. We want you to be successful and, most importantly, to reap the many benefits waiting for women like you.

Benefits of a woman-owned small business certification

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