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Winning Government Contracts

This is going to be a breeze with the master’s degree your business has achieved. You are properly positioned and registered with multiple agencies. Your business is registered as a vendor with multiple Prime Contractors, as well as multiple City, County, and State municipalities. If qualified, you have received or are on your way to receiving a socio-economic certification. You’ve engaged contacts from your email analytics and market research and are connecting with the proper contacts.

Sounds like you’re ready to take the plunge.

Contracts don’t have to be intimidating when you know what to expect and how to satisfy obligations. There are multiple ways to find the right contracts, but none are as powerful as our proprietary program, Select GCR Pro. You can filter through every contract, not just those that are on the open market. Searching by keywords, NAICS, locations and many more parameters, helps you quickly find the right contract to bid on.

For our clients who want to do the research themselves, there are multiple websites to use to find the information you need. Our experts have compiled instructions and information from different agencies, as well as bid writing guides to facilitate your success.

Types of Contracts

Procurement Methods


Bid Writing 101


Preparing Government Contract Proposals

SAP Quick Links Reference Sheet

GSA Schedules

FEMA Doing Business After a Disaster


Government Contracts and FEMA

Federal Spending Guide 2023


Questions to Ask During a Debriefing

Subcontracting and SubNet

Finding Contracts on

Finding Contracts on

Subcontracting for the DoD

Cybersecurity Requirements for DoD

Doing Business with the GPO

Doing Business with the DLA

Selling Products to the DLA

DLA Overview for Vendors